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White Paper Shipping as a Profit Center

Seven ways to increase profit and value from your shipping operation

You’ve heard the old adage before: You have to spend money to make money.

While some dispute it, in the world of shipping, it’s a hard point to contest. Unless all of your customers are local, you have to pay to get their orders to them. So the issue isn’t really eliminating the cost of shipping; instead, the challenge is in optimizing the value of shipping. Download our white paper on “Shipping as a Profit Center” to see how Shipwire can turn your costs into a profit today.

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Ecommerce and the Need for Speed

Think about it. When you purchase online and decide who to buy from, the speed at which your products will ship and arrive at your door matters – right?

Ecommerce technologies are redefining the way we do business: enabling more people to become entrepreneurs and expanding markets domestically and internationally. With these developments, it makes sense that the changing landscape of ecommerce comes with a change in consumer expectations, and it’s important to pay attention so that you can retain and maintain happy customers.

In a nutshell, online shoppers want their experience to require minimal effort, and to happen at maximum speed.

In addition to simplified search and discovery and a quick checkout process, online shoppers expect fast shipping, regardless of whether they are buying from an independent merchant or a major retailer.

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  • White Paper
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  • 12 pages

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