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White Paper Kickstarter Fulfillment Guide

Shipwire has helped many crowdsourced projects ship rewards and backorders

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, entrepreneurs often find themselves excited by the unexpected amount of support they receive for their product ideas, but overwhelmed by the thought of having to ship many more rewards than anticipated.

The good news is that with a plan in place, shipping thousands of Kickstarter backorders can be done quickly and easily. As part of Shipwire’s Kickstarter Fulfillment Services, we created the Kickstarter Fulfillment Guide to help Kickstarter and other crowdsourced campaigner owners learn how to save money, keep backers happy, get products into warehouses, ship them out, and reach backers domestically and internationally.

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When should a Kickstarter project start thinking about fulfillment?

It doesn’t hurt to identify a shipping partner early, but don’t over think it too soon. Make sure the project is successful and your product packaging is optimized first. Once your project is successfully funded, getting set up with Shipwire and ready to receive your finished project can be done quickly.

What fulfillment features do I need to successfully ship my project?

Shipwire was custom-built to meet the needs of products like those on Kickstarter. The most important features you need are:

  • Global warehouse network, strategically located near the largest markets
  • On-demand pricing, which scales with you as you grow
  • On-demand processing, so that you are able to ship without hassles when you’re just starting out and when you’re experience explosive growth
  • Automated and smart fulfillment that will do the hard work for you, including choosing the best location to send inventory out of, picking the right packaging, and optimizing shipping to save you money


When should you start thinking about packaging?

Early. As early as possible. Intelligent packaging can make or break the profitability of a product. Our white paper has an entire section on designing packaging for maximum shippability.

How do I check shipping rates?

With Shipwire, it takes about 5 minutes to get accurate rate quotes globally. The easiest way is to get a Shipwire free trial and create a product with your desired weight and dimensions. Once you have entered the information, you can get trial shipping quotes from any global fulfillment facility to any address in the world.

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  • White Paper
  • PDF
  • 12 pages

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