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White Paper Kickstart Your Idea

Learn how to turn your Kickstarter idea into a tangible, market-ready product

All great products start with an idea. This guide is designed to help you materialize those ideas and turn them into products. Learn three tricks to crowd fund a project, the best ways to get a prototype completed quickly, how to generate buzz about a product, tips about choosing sales channels, and how to package products according to sales channels.

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Today’s global economy and fast-moving technological advances make it easier than ever for entrepreneurs to successfully launch new products into the marketplace.

Concept, design, production and shipping processes have been automated and streamlined for maximum productivity. But though our new global workplace – with its many improved efficiencies and productivity – makes a new
product’s entrance to manufacturing easier than ever, how can you put it all together to turn your “Big Idea” into “Reality”; on a shoestring budget?

In this paper, entrepreneurs can consider a few recent, successful product launches – using insights gleaned from their examples as a blueprint for their own business ideas. The paper includes strategies and procedures that can effectively be used to leverage the abundant resources and technologies available to entrepreneurs introducing their first products to market.

Step 1: Funding. Ways to Fund the Project and Test the Market

With the exception of identifying a viable product concept (aka “The Idea”), the first major obstacle most entrepreneurs will encounter is funding. It’s a difficult barrier to navigate, especially for those new to business. Paying for design, prototypes, manufacturing, supplies and then finally product inventory and marketing can rapidly consume what little seed money you have. Poor or inadequate funding can kill a venture before it even gets off the ground. But with a little creativity, entrepreneurs can se- cure the funding necessary to keep their dream project alive.

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  • White Paper
  • PDF
  • 13 pages

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