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White Paper Expanding into Asia-Pacific via Hong Kong

Reaching the next billion buyers: Overcoming the challenges of expanding into Asia-Pacific

If you’re not already selling overseas, it’s worth considering expanding sales into Asia-Pacific markets. Asia-Pac houses four of the biggest consumer markets in the world: China, Australia, Japan, and South Korea, and each continues to grow. Download the white paper to learn about how you can utilize our Hong Kong fulfillment center as your staging point for order fulfillment. Shipwire’s go-to-market strategy outlines five simple steps to enable your growth in the Asia-Pacific market.

Through this Hong Kong white paper, learn how to:

  • Identify your customers
  • Register your business in China
  • Understand customs and import details
  • Establish sales channels
  • Ship to Hong Kong
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The growth of the Asia-Pacific (Asia-Pac) region continues to supercharge the global economy, as well as the brands savvy enough to capture this market’s benefits.

Successful brands can be small or large, but what they have in common the right strategies to help them grow. Today, one of the most important tools in a global brand’s arsenal is the ability to place products closer to its customers. Unlike merchants who use traditional logistics networks, brands looking to open Asia-Pac sales channels can enter the market in an efficient and scalable way by building a relationship with a third-party logistics (3pl) partner in Hong Kong.

With the world’s busiest cargo airport and the second-largest container port in South China, Hong Kong serves as a cost-effective order fulfillment option for this part of the world. In addition, Hong Kong is duty-free for most products and maintains a pro-business approach regarding taxation.

Staging in Hong Kong saves time and money because your company can avoid trans-Pacific shipping costs and respond nimbly to B2B and B2C demands within the Asia-Pac market.

However, there are three important challenges to entering and growing in Asia-Pac:

  • Getting your products to Hong Kong while keeping costs low
  • Using Hong Kong as a staging point for Asia-Pac customers
  • Localizing your products to make them sellable in Asia-Pac markets

This white paper will address those challenges and help demystify the process of expanding into Asia-Pac markets.

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  • White Paper
  • PDF
  • 21 pages

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