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White Paper 5 Benefits of Fulfillment

Information about ways in which outsourced order fulfillment enables growth

As businesses grow, it’s common for gaps to begin appearing in existing logistics solutions, especially ones that operate in-house or are faced with international shipping challenges. Significant resources are required to research and setup effective carrier rates, keep track of shipping regulations and restrictions, hire, train, and employ staff to manage order fulfillment, and more.

Many businesses resolve growing pains by outsourcing logistics to a 3PL partner. Doing so increases the speed and accuracy or order fulfillment, provides access to more shipping options, enables more time for focusing on business strategy, and offers a sustainable solution for growth, among other benefits. Download 5 Benefits of Fulfillment to learn more.

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You’ve learned from experience as a growing business that initial logistics woes are manageable at the beginning. As your brand grows and sales increase, you may find yourself scaling your business to meet global demands.

Most small sellers and startup businesses just don’t have the expertise to get effective carrier rates, employ the necessary staff to manage a warehouse or have the know- how for the numerous shipping restrictions, taxes, customs each country has. Using outsourcing shipping tactics from Fortune 500 companies is beneficial so you can spend more time channelling your efforts to your strengths: sales.

Let’s explore 5 ways your business can benefit from outsourcing your warehousing and shipping.

Reach New Geographic Markets and Customers

Search has made the marketplace for your brand global. Even with efforts to focus on local markets, internationalization is happening at a dizzying pace. Not only is there a steady recovery from the credit crunch, emerging economies continue to upgrade their purchasing power.

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  • White Paper
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  • 8 pages

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