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Video Shipwire's Virtual Warehouse Tour

Watch the order fulfillment process in action

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes at a Shipwire warehouse? This virtual warehouse tour takes you onto the warehouse floor, helps you understand how the order fulfillment process works, and shows you how order information is communicated between the Shipwire platform and the fulfillment center.

Since the production of this video, Shipwire has updated its order management application! What you see in the software application today looks slightly different than what you see in the screenshots shown in this video (stay up to date with the latest developments here). The warehouse process and the way information is communicated between the platform and the fulfillment center remains the same.

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  • Runtime: 3:30

Video Transcript

(0:00 – 0:40)
>> Hi, and welcome to the virtual tour of a Shipwire warehouse. My name is Kenny Lim and I’m a director of our customer success team. In the past we’ve gotten a lot of questions about what happens at the warehouse, so today we are going to give you a behind the scenes look of our facility. If you have a Shipwire account, you know that we simplify order fulfillment and logistics into three stages. One is sending your inventory to the warehouse, two is managing that inventory, and three is shipping that inventory to your end customers.

(0:41 – 1:00)
>> Before we get into sending your products to the warehouse, I want to acknowledge your concern for the safety of your products. We understand the weight of this responsibility. All of our warehouses has multiple security measures in place and high value items, if approved, are stored in a limited access and locked area on the warehouse floor.

(1:01 – 1:25)
>> Now let’s take a look at what happens when products arrive at the warehouse. First they’re unloaded from the carrier’s trucks and then they’re inspected and counted to make sure what arrives matches what’s indicated on a shipment’s advanced shipping notice, what we call an ASN. After everything has been confirmed, products are moved to a designated area on the warehouse floor where they are safely stored until orders come in.

(1:26 – 2:00)
>> When one of your customers places an order, Shipwire automatically receives the information and can begin processing the order. First, packing lists and labels are printed. Pickers then scan the packing lists which direct them to an inventory’s location on the warehouse floor. Once the product is located, the picker scans the product to confirm the correct item has been chosen. The majority of product types require picking and packaging, but others include pre-packaged, ready to ship items, marketing inserts, and master cases.

(2:01 – 2:42)
>> Once picked, orders are ready to be packed. Packers place the content of each tote into a shipping carton. Void filler is added to occupy spare space, then the cartons are sealed and marked complete. The status of the order, including the tracking number, is automatically communicated to your Shipwire account. Packed orders are placed onto a conveyer belt and are transported from the packing station to the shipping station. Most orders are picked and packed within the same day. In your Shipwire account you can find information about pick and drop times and you can adjust your shipping preferences to control the time at which orders are communicated to the warehouse for processing.

(2:43 – 3:30)
>> Before concluding the tour, there’s one more important thing to note. Shipwire also offers you the ability to manipulate inventory at the point of receiving, storage, or shipment by initiating a project. Project examples include kitting, labeling, and light assembly. There is a designated area in the warehouse where these projects are completed and the Shipwire projects team works with you to outline instructions and execute based on your requests. A lot of your experience with Shipwire has been done through our software online, so we’re really glad we can show you the physical side of our business. So this wraps up the tour, my name is Kenny Lim, thank you for following along.

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