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Video The Grommet Enables a Drop Ship Portal

The Grommet grew 450 percent after enabling a custom drop ship solution through Shipwire

The Grommet is one of the most recognized product launch platforms in the world, working with more suppliers than Walmart and Ford Motor Company. As business expanded, the company needed a replacement for its existing drop ship vendor management software. As a creative company, The Grommet was looking for an equally innovative order fulfillment and with Shipwire, found a flexible, scalable, and customizable Drop Ship for Retail solution to support and manage its thousands of drop ship suppliers.

Since working with Shipwire, The Grommet has grown 450 percent. Watch the video below to learn more.

For a more in-depth understanding of The Grommet’s growth, check out The Grommet: A Closer Look. To book a Free Drop Ship Business Analysis Session, email dropship@shipwire.com.

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  • Runtime: 3:35

Video Transcript

(0:00 – 0:59)
>> Jules Pieri: I’m Jules Pieri co-founder and CEO of The Grommet we are a product launch platform and at this point we’ve launched some products you probably know like the fit bit or banagrams or sodastream. I call the core idea behind what we’re doing Citizen Commerce so we’re trying to give people the information to actually exercise their vote, their power and make the businesses that they would love to see succeed actually do so.

We work with more suppliers than Wal-Mart, more suppliers than Ford Motor Company, because we launch a new company every single day so we’ve launched over 3000 companies that all need to ship a product and sometimes they ship directly from their own facilities, and sometimes we take in the inventory and ship it. But at the end of the day the customer whose purchasing what we call Grommets doesn’t care where it’s coming from they just want it to arrive beautifully and quickly. So it’s really important to us to have Shipwire understand that complexity of our business and support that kind of customer experience.

(1:00 – 1:18)
>> Jason McCarthy: Maintaining the customer experience across hundreds of drop shippers and in-house fulfillment can be very difficult. In 2013 we realized that doing fulfillment in-house wasn’t going to make sense for us anymore because we had just such an increase in volume. What we were looking for was 1 partner to be able to manage all of our shipping.

(1:19 – 0:54)
>> Jules Pieri: The thing that first caught my eye about Shipwire is that all day long we think about the same kind of customer, small businesses, emerging businesses, growing businesses. In our case we think about makers, people creating products and they’re really good at that, but maybe not so good at shipping, not so good at logistics and neither were we. What I saw was this sort of nimble software-oriented company that didn’t come at logistics with a conventional point-of-view. Things that were flexible, creative, respond to exactly what we needed. I saw that elegance, that simplicity, that creativity, that commitment and said “Oh, I think we can make this work.”

(1:55 – 2:23)
>> Todd Mannherz: Q4 was approaching and Q4 is our make or break. We needed to have a solution in place for October and so Shipwire was developing new APIs for us to consume and we were developing on top of Magento to build this drop ship vendor interface and to customize checkouts. So were were able to get that solution online and it was not just a “well let’s try it out and see how it works,” it was an “all or nothing”. So we flipped the switch the next day, all of our packages were now coming from Shipwire.

(2:24 – 2:46)
>> Jason McCarthy: So this is our drop ship portal that each of the makers logs into in order to handle each of their orders. So the portal is actually something that we’ve built on top of Shipwire’s API, so the makers don’t actually see the interaction with Shipwire, they’re able to then look at all of their shipments that they need to ship out and download packing lists for each of those, download shipping labels. Our shipment time has gone down because of that.

(2:47 – 3:01)
>> Todd Mannherz: Just on Black Friday alone, if we had been on our old solution, it would’ve taken us 32 days to pack and deliver the packages to our customers. So all of those packages went out in one day with our transition to Shipwire.

(3:02 – 3:34)
>> Jules Pieri: The way we did logistics before astounds me when I look back at it. The night and day difference from one holiday season that we shipped to Shipwire was amazing. There was 1 mis-ship in a period when we grew 450%. So Shipwire grew with us and we were so glad to turn that part of our business over to the pros.

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