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How Evernote Market came to life

Primarily known for its software, in 2013 Evernote launched a line of carefully curated and customized physical products that merge the digital with the analog. The products are sold through Evernote Market, and when looking for a order fulfillment partner to help with shipping, Evernote sought out a company with a deep understanding of the importance of a customer’s experience, as well as an easy-to-use platform.

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Video Transcript

(0:00 – 0:57)
>> Evernote’s vision is to help people stay organized and be productive in what ever they do, everyday. As we approach 100 million customers worldwide, there’s high expectations from how quickly they can get their products to how it arrives and what it looks like. Evernote started as an application that worked on any device to help you capture any information that was important to you and allowing it to be easily saved to Evernote. We’ve since evolved to create Evernote Market.

We wanted to be the first company that moved from the digital world into the physical world. One of our core principles was to incrementally improve everyday items. The Evernote Market was an effort for us to extend the original vision of Evernote. It really came down to how are we going to continue to help giving them things that are going to bring them more enjoyment and make them more productive in everything that they do.

(0:58 – 1:31)
>> The goal there is to bring the design and aesthetic of Evernote and allow you to capture things within your natural workflow. Once we had an understanding of the products we wanted to make available to the customers, we had to tackle the challenge of how we were actually going to get these products in hands of customers. When we started looking at fulfillment partners, it was kind of old school versus new school. We had to work with a partner that understood the care for the customer that we felt, to give the customer the best possible experience and that could also execute that all over the world.

(1:32 – 2:20)
>> Shipwire was just like us, they were driven by technology and had kind of a keen sense of why the customer needs to have full visibility all the way through the process. Unlike other systems, Shipwire gives you transparency into what’s happening at the warehouse. So they have a portal where basically you can see where your inventory is when it’s shipping to customers and you have confirmation that it’s arrived and everything is working as it should. We had over 2 thousand orders that we had booked that were waiting for inventory to come in from Asia.

We were running into the shipping deadline and Shipwire was able to turn over 2 thousand orders and get them out to the customer in the exact same day. The differentiators we found most important in Shipwire is the people, the technology, and also able to work along the same timelines that we were used to.

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