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What is Shipwire Anywhereâ„¢?

Shipwire Anywhereâ„¢ allows you to seamlessly integrate locations where you store inventory with Shipwire’s own fulfillment centers. Improve your order management with Shipwire’s automatic order routing and shipping rate optimization to make sure orders get to your customers quickly and for less.

Integrate your own U.S. locations into Shipwire’s network of global fulfillment centers at any time. Shipwire’s fulfillment center come with a 100% accuracy guarantee and Pick & Pack shipping services. Delight your customers with shipping confirmations, customized packing list, real-time shipping rates, tracking numbers, and order edit features.

You can also print USPS shipping labels and manage all your orders through Shipwire’s dashboard and inventory management system.

See the sections below for more instructions on how to get set up with Shipwire Anywhereâ„¢.

An introduction to Shipwire Anywhereâ„¢

Shipwire Anywhereâ„¢ can be used to manage orders and inventory at your own locations such as warehouses, retail stores, your office, or even your garage.

Reduce shipping costs, benefit from over 60 software integrations, and automate your sales orders to anywhere you store inventory. Mix-and-match your existing facilities with Shipwire fulfillment centers to design your own global fulfillment network. Change it anytime by adding your own locations or sending products to Shipwire locations.

With Shipwire Anywhereâ„¢ you can leave all the order management software headaches to Shipwire whether you do your own shipping or use Shipwire fulfillment centers to ship your orders.

Get the benefits of:

  • Shipwire automation and order management anywhere you store inventory
  • Intelligent order routing sends orders to the right facility based on cost and time
  • Shipping rate optimization ensures the lowest delivery cost and optimal delivery time
  • E-commerce automation with over 60 software integrations
  • All your business orders and shipping history in one dashboard regardless of where they are shipped from
  • Instant insight into inventory levels no matter where the products are located
  • Shipwire network infrastructure, up-time guarantees, and web-based software platform

Automate your business once with Shipwire and route orders to any location your goods are stored

New features work with your existing account

Shipwire Anywhereâ„¢ allows you to add additional locations to your personal Shipwire account warehouse network so that orders can be routed to your locations or to Shipwire fulfillment centers. This complete order management solution allows orders to be extended to anywhere you ship products.

  • My Locations – Define your own ship-from locations whether they be retail locations, offices, suppliers, your warehouses or even your garage.  These show up in your account as “My Locations”. You can add new locations, or disable existing ones at any time.
  • Dashboard – Get quick insight into order status whether you’re shipping it from one of your locations or Shipwire is shipping it from one of our fulfillment centers.
  • Inventory Management – Centrally manage your inventory, automatically update inventory levels to your store or leading marketplaces, whether goods are in Shipwire fulfillment centers or your own locations.
  • Order Routing – Route orders to Shipwire fulfillment centers or anywhere your goods are stored, either manually or automatically using Shipwire’s shipping optimization smarts.
  • Order Processing – Automate, review, and process orders in your Shipwire account, no matter where the inventory is stocked.
  • Shipping Rate Optimization – Let Shipwire optimize your orders for delivery time and shipping spend no matter where you ship from.
  • Order Processing – Automate, review, and process all your orders from your Shipwire account.
  • Label Creation – Generate packing lists and shipping labels for customer-maintained locations; print them yourself or send them ready to print to your drop-ship supplier.
  • Sales Automation – Take advantage of Shipwire automation no matter where your inventory is located. Automatic inventory updates, order input, customer notification and tracking support are yours, thanks to direct integration with leading e-commerce shopping carts and payment gateways.
  • Multi-Channel Shipping Management – Shipwire knows you sell through multiple channels, now we help you ship from anywhere.
  • Any Product – Manage all your inventory regardless of product type from your Shipwire account, even if you can’t send them to Shipwire fulfillment centers.


How do I learn more?


Take a tour of Shipwire Anywhereâ„¢

New features tour

Add non-Shipwire fulfilled products to your account

To enable Shipwire to route orders to your own location and optimize shipping rates among all your warehouses, first add any products that are not already defined in your Shipwire account. You can quickly add products with our Add Product wizard or upload a spreadsheet. This tool is located in the Inventory tab, under Product catalog.

Define locations

Add as many locations as needed for the goods you are storing. These can include retail storefronts, garages, office locations, or even your own warehouse. Once you define a location, Shipwire can optimize orders to that location and they will be included in your account’s warehouse network.

Configure my location

When you log in to Shipwire you will see your dashboard. Find the Warehouse overview tab in the left navigation menu. This section lists your locations along with Shipwire fulfillment centers – both show inventory status at a glance. Click “Add new location” near the bottom of the page.

Send inventory to new locations

After you have added your locations, you need to send goods to them to let Shipwire know what inventory you have at these locations. The process is very similar to sending inventory to Shipwire fulfillment centers.

Navigate to “Send inventory” in the Inventory section and specify what products and counts will be at the location. Note that in Step 2, the Choose a Warehouse selections include your own warehouses along with Shipwire locations. The last step is to confirm the products are already at the warehouse or are expected. This allows you to plan for inventory coming to your location, just like you would do for a Shipwire fulfillment center.

Store & Send to Warehouse or Fulfillment Centers

With your new locations and inventory you will have full control of what carriers to select, when to route orders to your locations or to Shipwire fulfillment center, whether to put orders on hold for review, and more.

Send to warehouse/fulfillment center preferences

Receive orders and manage routing

Knowing where your orders are takes just a quick glance at your dashboard. You have likely already configured the automation of your sales from your shopping carts, marketplaces, or buy-now buttons. You may check our complete list of compatible e-commerce tools and our API documentation if you wish to create custom solutions.

Your order can be routed automatically or manually — your choice. The Shipwire shipping rate optimization considers your locations together with Shipwire fulfillment centers to determine the lowest cost shipping option based on proximity and stock levels.

Home & Dashboard

The Dashboard gives you instant visibility to your orders.
You can zoom into a particular warehouse or fulfillment center to see specific orders

In the dashboard, click on any location to see the status detail for orders routed to that warehouse or fulfillment center. Now you can see what’s pending, processing, and shipping at your own locations in the same way as at Shipwire fulfillment centers.

Home & Warehouses & Selected Warehouse

Process and ship from your location

Processing orders at your location is a simple 3-step process:

First:  Review the order and shipping price by choosing Review Quote in your Warehouses overview. You can also request quotes by going into the “Orders” and clicking on “Request a quote”.

Ship & Review Quote

Shipping rates are automatically calculated unless the type of shipping package is unknown to Shipwire. Click the Edit button next to “more information needed” to specify a package size. After you enter dimensions for your first few orders, Shipwire will learn what sizes to match with what goods and your rate calculations will become automatic.

Edit shipping package dimensions once

Second:  Confirm the labels and print them on your local printer by choosing “Print Labels”. You can print labels one at a time or in a batch, and if you need to send them to someone else for printing, you can export them in PDF file format. You can also custom generate shipping labels in the “Orders” tab under “Get a shipping label”.

Ship & Print Labels

Print label 1 of 3

Print label 2 of 3

Print label 3 of 3

Third: Package the order, apply labels, and sent it on its way. Use the Mark Complete button to indicate that the order has been shipped. Shipwire will automatically sync tracking numbers and update inventory levels with your shopping carts, marketplaces, and other e-commerce tools.

Ship & Mark Complete

Automated customer delight

When you check off “Mark Complete”, you initiate customer follow-ups via your Customer Portal tool configurations. Even if you’ve shipped from your own location, customer notification is all automatic according to the way you’ve set up your customer portal preferences.

In Account dropdown menu, locate the Orders & Returns section. There you can customize your confirmations and messages to your buyers about tracking their order, returns, and support. You can delight them with a thank-you, and even set up a customer support portal they can visit any time to see the status of their order.

Shipwire Anywhereâ„¢ FAQ

What is Shipwire Anywhereâ„¢?

Shipwire Anywhereâ„¢ is free order management software that that turns any garage, office or warehouse into a Shipwire fulfillment center.

What problem does Shipwire Anywhereâ„¢ solve?

Many businesses don’t outsource 100% of their order fulfillment. Shipwire Anywhereâ„¢ is designed for today’s online seller who ships from a combination of outsourced Shipwire fulfillment centers and any mix of in-house shipping locations, whether they be an office, garage or small warehouse.

One Shipwire account gives you the power to automate all your order processing. Now route orders to inventory maintained in Shipwire fulfillment centers or your own customer-managed ship-from locations. See all your sales orders and inventory levels in one comprehensive account dashboard.

What can I expect during the Shipwire Anywhereâ„¢ beta period?

All features work and have gone through rigorous testing; However, we are always looking for feedback from users.

How do the different locations operate?

Shipwire fulfillment centers operate as they always have. You can now define your own, customer-maintained, ship-from locations.

When orders come into Shipwire fulfillment centers, we pick & pack, and ship the order to your buyers. This is called outsourced order fulfillment. Once an order is shipped, your buyer gets tracking links sent from Shipwire or your e-commerce store, and inventory levels are updated. All the processes “behind the buy button” are automated and handled by Shipwire.

For customer-maintained ship-from locations, everything works pretty much the same way except for the physical shipping. You handle order fulfillment instead of Shipwire. This means you get the product from inventory (pick); put it in a package (pack); print and apply a label and put it in the mail or give it to a carrier (ship). Once an order is out the door, Shipwire then takes over to follow up with your buyers and update your store with inventory levels and automated tracking.

What can a location be?

A location can be any place that you have inventory. Shipwire locations are fulfillment centers maintained by our staff. Your locations can be retail stores, offices, warehouses, garages, or storage units anywhere you store goods.

If your supplier has the inventory and will drop-ship it for you, identify the supplier as a location, and when an order comes in you will e-mail the shipping labels and packing slips to them.

How many Shipwire fulfillment centers or my own locations can I add to my account?

As many as you’d like.

What is the cost for routing orders to customer-maintained ship-from locations?

During the beta period, there is no cost to route orders to customer-maintained ship-from locations, you must pay for shipping costs through Shipwire.

What is the cost if I use Shipwire fulfillment centers to pick & pack, and ship my orders?

For orders shipped from Shipwire fulfillment centers, our standard pricing applies.

What if my locations are outside the United States?

We have a waitlist for this feature – TELL US YOU WANT IT:

Use Shipwire Anywhereâ„¢ from an International “Ship-from” address

Today, we support routing orders to your own locations only within the United States. The global locations that are part of our services today are Shipwire fulfillment centers. You could, for example, use your own warehouses locally and opt to outsource your shipping as you grow into global markets.

How do I define a new location within my Shipwire account?

In your Shipwire account, go to “Warehouse overview” and click on the “Add my warehouse” link. You will enter the location address and other details we need to automate your order routing and shipping rate calculations. You can edit your location details at any time.

How do my own locations work with my other e-commerce tools? For example eBay, PayPal, Amazon or my Magento or Shopify Store?

All of the growing list of Shipwire “sell” e-commerce order automation tools work regardless of where orders are routed to – Shipwire locations, or customer-maintained ship-from locations.

How I define inventory levels at my locations?

Once you define your products in your Shipwire account, you can send inventory to that location, just as you would a Shipwire fulfillment center. Select “Send Inventory” in your account, input the counts per product SKU and select the location you have created, and click submit. This creates “anticipated” inventory. The final step is to confirm the goods are physically at the location which then turns them from anticipated inventory into “good” inventory, which means currently in stock.

Orders routed to a location where no “good” inventory is located will be considered back-ordered.

Do SKUs I only have at my locations factor into Shipwire fulfillment pricing?

No. If you upload new products (aka SKUs) that you only have at locations under your control (not Shipwire fulfillment centers), then these SKU’s will not be factored into your Shipwire account pricing (for our fulfillment services).

For example, if you are on a pricing plan that includes 50 unique product id’s that you use for products in Shipwire fulfillment centers, you will be able to upload 5, 10, 50, 100, or 500+ new SKU’s for your own location without impacting your pricing plan.

How do I re-assign orders between Shipwire locations and my own?

You can easily change order routing manually. Change your mind and re-route any order before 1:00am when the order drops to a particular warehouse. By default, orders route to where you have inventory available for shipping and to locations that are geographically closest to the buyer’s ship-to address. You can manually re-route any order before the drop time. And, incidentally, Shipwire provides options in your shipping preferences about how to handle ties.

There is an order at one of my locations; how do I print labels and complete the order?

It’s a simple 3-step process:

Review the order and shipping price (automatically calculated by Shipwire)

Confirm the labels and print them on your local printer

Package the order apply labels, and sent it on its way

You can then let Shipwire’s automated order processing take over to complete your customer follow up with shipping confirmation and thank-you email.

How do I tell Shipwire what package sizes I have at my different locations?

Shipwire self-learns as orders come in. You’ll see this by monitoring the first few. Each order that comes in describes packaging dimension and weight details. Shipwire will initially guess your package dimensions based on optimal shipping characteristics. If we’re wrong, you will tell us what package dimensions you actually have and we’ll correct for future orders.

Some of my inventory is with a supplier who drop-ships it to the buyer, can that be a location?

Yes. Set up your drop-ship supplier as a location and add inventory to that location. As orders come in download the order PDF’s and e-mail them to you drop-shipper. If your drop-ship supplier has specific order-output file types please contact Shipwire.

So there are no surprises, we are anticipating a small order processing charge for customers that don’t use Shipire fulfillment centers for outsourced fulfillment.

I have my own label printer and shipping accounts for my own warehouse. How can I use that with Shipwire?

For Beta all labels must be printed through Shipwire for any orders routed to customer-maintained ship-from locations.

To request order output types other than Shipwire labels please fill out this waitlist to let us know you want it. More International postage and additional shipping label options

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