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Using Shipwire to grow internationally

This guide will highlight the tools and resources Shipwire gives you to grow your brand internationally.

  1. Step-by-step process for international expansion

  2. Saving money with Shipwire

Shipwire presents a step-by-step process for international expansion

I. Store – Getting goods in to the country/warehouse
(“inbound receiving”)

To get goods into the warehouse in bulk you will likely need to freight ship a pallet or container for your supplier or existing warehouse. Ask Shipwire for a couple freight and broker names that specialize in international freight, and have experience with the country you are targeting. Always get multiple quotes. See the Shipwire guides to importing to Canada or import into UK for import related resources.

II. Sell – Getting the order (“automating order notification and processing”)

Your Shipwire account will come pre-integrated with many shopping carts. If you have a webstore, it is easy to create a Web store category to focus international buyers on your overseas products. For Example: “Special Shipping for Canada Customers” or “U.K. and European Customers.”

III. Ship – Getting the goods out of the warehouse (“outbound shipping”)

Outbound Shipping is easy once you have product in the warehouse. It can be as simple as swapping out Canada Post or Royal Mail for U.S. Postal Service. Many shopping carts natively support Shipwire shipping rates.

IV. Leverage partners

You can’t do it all alone. Let Shipwire help you convert visitors into buyers. Shipwire is an “on-demand” service, meaning that you only pay for what you use. There are no contracts, no minimum commitments and no up front costs before you have sales success.

Saving money with Shipwire order fulfilment

How much can I save using Shipwire?

A real-time quote is worth 1000 words. Select your current location in the top drop-down and plug in your anticipated shipping volume to each overseas location. See the cost and time savings from using Shipwire!


The value of storing inventory closer to end buyers

  • Buyer happiness: Customers will be delighted with your fast delivery times and local shipping prices. Increase your conversion rates and enjoy more repeat customers.
    • Local shipping rates: Your product fulfilment will be done with local (in country) shipping rates.
    • Faster delivery times: Use local ground and next day shipping options. Not expensive international shipping that has long delivery times.
    • No customs or duty hassles for buyers: Learn more in the next section; but, your goods will have already cleared customs.
    • Hassle free returns: Local returns processing means less lost product. Compare to overseas shipping where you stand a good chance of losing the product or the profit for the sale if an international buyer demands a return.
  • Knowing your “landed costs” allows you to price correctly: When you import and ship from your local warehouse you will know the total cost of your inventory + import.
  • Increase sales: You will be able to scale growth because your business will operate as a more efficient machine.
    • Leverage “fast and free” shipping promotions: “Free shipping in Canada” or “Free shipping for Canadian customers who buy more than $75″. The best part is that you will only be paying local shipping rates.
    • Scale without hassles: By spending the time to build your international sales machine, you will be able to rest easy that you can scale as your business grows.

Use Shipwire and get 1-2 day delivery across North America, at ground rates.

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