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Introducing Shipwire Anywhereâ„¢

Now use Shipwire to manage orders and inventory at your own fulfillment locations such as warehouses, retail-stores, your office or even your garage.

Reduce shipping costs, benefit from over 50 software integrations and automate your sales orders to anywhere you store inventory.

Mix-and-match your existing facilities with Shipwire warehouses to design your own global fulfillment network.  Change it anytime by adding your own locations or sending products to Shipwire locations.

With Shipwire Anywhereâ„¢ you can now leave all the order management software headaches to Shipwire whether you do your own shipping or use Shipwire warehouses to pick, pack and ship your orders.

Get the Benefits of …

  • Shipwire automation and order management anywhere you store inventory.
  • Intelligent order routing sends orders to the right facility based on cost and time.
  • Shipping rate optimization ensures the lowest delivery cost and optimal delivery time.
  • E-commerce automation with 50+ popular integrations like PayPal, eBay and Amazon
  • All your business orders and shipping history in one dashboard regardless of where they are shipped from.
  • Instant insight into inventory levels no matter where the products are located.
  • Shipwire network infrastructure, up-time guarantees and web-delivered software.

Automate your business once with Shipwire and route orders to any location your goods are stored.

New Features Work With Your Existing Account

Shipwire Anywhere allows you to add additional locations to your Shipwire account warehouse network so that orders can be routed to your locations or to Shipwire warehouses.  This complete order management solution allows orders to be routed to anywhere you ship products from.

  • My Locations – Define your own ship-from locations whether they be retail locations, offices, suppliers, your warehouses or even your garage.  These show up in your account as “My Locations”. You can add new locations, or disable existing ones at any time.
  • Dashboard – Get quick insight into order status whether you’re shipping it from one of your locations or Shipwire is shipping it from one of our warehouses.
  • Inventory Management – Centrally manage your inventory, automatically update inventory levels to your store or leading marketplaces, whether goods are in Shipwire warehouses or your own locations.
  • Order Routing – Route orders to Shipwire warehouses or anywhere your goods are stored, either manually or automatically using Shipwire’s shipping optimization smarts.
  • Order Processing – Automate, review and process orders in your Shipwire account, no matter where the inventory resides.
  • Shipping Rate Optimization – Let Shipwire optimize your shipping for delivery time and costs no matter where you ship from.
  • Order Processing – Automate, review and process orders in your Shipwire account, no matter where the inventory resides.
  • Label Creation – Generate packing lists and shipping labels for customer-maintained locations; either print them yourself or send them ready to print to your drop-ship supplier.
  • Sales Automation – Take advantage of Shipwire automation no matter where your inventory is located. Automatic inventory updates, order taking, customer notification and tracking support are yours, thanks to direct integration with leading e-commerce shopping carts and payment gateways.
  • Multi-Channel Shipping Management – Shipwire knows you sell through multiple channels, now we help you ship from anywhere.
  • Any Product – Manage all your inventory regardless of product type in your Shipwire account, even if you can’t send them to Shipwire warehouses.

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