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Shipping products from the warehouse

You can log in anytime to check a shipping rate or ship inventory from a warehouse. Automate your business by using the sell tools and the API.

I. Shipping options to consider

  • Every warehouse can ship internationally or domestic. See shipping options.
  • Shipwire offers shipping service level guarantees.
  • By default our Merchant Package Service will help you lower shipping costs by matching your preferences to the lowest cost carrier.
  • International shipping from the U.S.A. now requires an EIN number that can be added to your account.

II. Preferences take you from testing to automating your business

  • Shipping preferences are in your account settings.
  • Most shipping methods have a minimum amount of outbound shipping insurance. You can always set your account to add more insurance per shipment in Shipping Preferences.
  • You can set up order holds based on ship methods (like international) or shipping amounts.

III. Back-orders, returns, customer communications and shipping projects

  • Submitting orders to Shipwire before product is in the warehouse will automatically generate a back-order. It will ship when the inventory arrives.
  • Returns can go back to the warehouse or your home office. Spend a few minutes thinking about your return policy.
  • If you have a large freight or outbound shipment that needs some type of project before it ships (retail hang tags, etc). Create the order, put it on hold and submit a support case with the order number and our team will help you.

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