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For consumer electronics companies and other retailers that require a record of which customer was sent which product with a particular serial number, Shipwire offers serial number scanning, which enables business processes around product activation, recalls, quality control measurements on different production batches, warranty claims, and more.

Serial numbers are scanned at the unit level upon packaging for shipment to the customer. Reports provide the order number and corresponding serial numbers in the shipment. Report data is available via API at most of our warehouses (see the chart below for details). If API access is not sufficient, custom reports via email may be available.


Serial scanning availability
Fulfillment Center Los Angeles Chicago Pennsylvania Toronto Vancouver London Hong Kong Sydney
Report data via API Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Report data via Email No No No No No No Yes No



There is a one time setup fee of $500 per fulfillment center. In order to take advantage of our serial scanning features, please note that SKUs will remain flagged for serial scan for a minimum of 6 months. In addition, there is a per-scan fee outlined below:

  • 15¢ per scan if the serial number is available without opening the packaging.
  • 30¢ per scan if the packaging must be opened to scan the serial number.
  • NOTE: There is a minimum monthly equivalent to 500 orders per month:
    $75 for external scans (500×15¢) or $150 for internal scans (500×30¢).

If one order has 2 products with serial numbers to be scanned, prices are as follows:

  • 30¢ if the serial number is available without opening the packaging (2 x 15¢ per scan)
  • 60¢ if the packaging must be opened to scan the serial number (2 x 30¢ per scan)

Billing Cycle
We bill for a calendar month’s worth of scans by the 10th of the following month. The charge will be referenced under the “shipping” category.


Currently, we only support serial number scans upon shipping, not when product is received by the fulfillment center or returned from the customer.

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