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Sending products to Shipwire FAQ

How do I get the shipping address?

Complete the Receiving process (Store>Send to Warehouse) in your account, to notify us of incoming merchandise. Upon completion, you can download or email a complete shipping address label and ASN (Advance Shipping Notification) ID number. Provide this information to whomever is handling the shipment for you.

What is an ASN number, and why do I need one?

When you ship merchandise to Shipwire, you must notify us of incoming merchandise, and put an ASN # on the packaging. In this case, ASN stands for “Advance Shipping Notification.”  Then when we receive your merchandise, we use the ASN # to match it with your Receiving notification. We immediately check for damages, reconcile any discrepancies, and put the inventory away.

A proper ASN # is part of our checks and balances, and helps protect you and your merchandise.

When do I need multiple ASN numbers?

Each time you go through the Receiving wizard, we create one ASN # for you. This ASN # needs to be associated with one incoming shipment. Please read the next FAQ if your shipment will be arriving in mulitple boxes with multiple tracking numbers (or sub tracking numbers). If you anticipate that your shipment is going to be arriving on separate days or different carriers please consider this two different shipments and produce two different ASN numbers.

Example: If your supplier tells you that your purchased inventory is being shipped and gives you a packing list and all products ship out at one time (even if multiple tracking numbers, see below), consider this one shipment. If you then find out that your supplier did not ship 5% of your inventory that was back-ordered and will ship that inventory in a week. Edit your initial ASN and correct your packing list. Consider the back-order shipment to be a second receiving and create a new ASN and packing list.

Handling multiple tracking numbers per ASN # (multiple box receiving)

If your merchandise cannot fit in one box, and it requires multiple cartons or containers — and multiple tracking numbers from the same carrier — then give Shipwire all your known tracking numbers associated with the receiving by inputting them into the Tracking # field separated by commas. Example: Tracking 1, Tracking 2, Tracking 3.

Please note, that if your inbound receiving is coming in from two different carriers and/or at two different times YOU MUST have two different ASN’s as Shipwire considers this two different receivings.

Does an ASN # expire?

Your ASN # is valid for up to 7 business days after your expected arrival date. This means your merchandise must be received by our warehouse within 7 days of this date.  If your ASN is delayed, you can edit it and change your expected arrival date.  If your ASN expires, it will be automatically canceled, but you can uncancel the ASN (by clicking the “Uncancel” link in the ASN confirmation screen) as long as you can provide an updated, accurate arrival date and tracking or container number.

How is storage calculated?

The dimensions you provide are used to approximate storage. This is compared to actual information coming from the warehouse, considering extra space for packaging, stacking and cushion between cartons.

How should the shipping label be formatted?

It is critical that you use our shipping address and ASN #, formatted exactly as we provide it to you. If you are not handling the shipment yourself, it is still your responsibility to ensure a properly formatted address and ASN # are used.

When sending merchandise to Shipwire, the shipping address must appear correctly on all shipping documentation. This means three things:

1. Your company name must be listed as recipient. Anywhere else in labeling and receiving documentation should be changed to reflect this new change from the latest sprint as well.

2. The ASN #, or Advanced Shipping Notice number, must appear either below the Recipient name, or clearly defined elsewhere on the documentation.

3. The warehouse address must be for the proper warehouse location. Please do not reuse warehouse address information previously provided, as it may change.

A precisely formatted address will be provided, via web and email, immediately after completing the Receiving wizard.

How do I check the receiving status?


Click the Contact Us link, on the bottom of any Shipwire web page.

  1. Select the Sending Us Merchandise option.
  2. Then select the Receiving Status option.
  3. Submit the required information.


  • The Shipwire ID can be found in the History of your account.


What is unqualified receiving?

Unqualified receiving is inventory that does not follow standard receiving guidelines is sent to Shipwire warehouses. While there are no charges for standard, qualified receiving with Shipwire, unqualified receiving may incur charges. Read our Qualified receiving guidelines for details on best practices and how to avoid unqualified receiving charges.

How do I schedule a container?

If you are sending 8 or more pallets to Shipwire, on one ASN #, you need to schedule a delivery window.  Please have your shipper call along with your ASN # (a must!) 888-SHIPWIRE (888-744-7947) during 9am-5pm PST Mon-Fri.  If they call outside these hours, have them leave a message with our 24 hour phone center so we can call them back and schedule a time.

Please note the below important notes regarding Container Deliveries:

  • If your driver misses the delivery window, they should follow the same steps as scheduling. We will need at least 1-2 business days notice, and there must be an available time slot in our dock schedule.
  • We cannot make exceptions to this process. If your driver attempts delivery outside the scheduled delivery window, he will be turned away. You are solely responsible for all fees incurred by your carrier, as a result of a missed delivery window.
  • Most delivery carriers will allow a standard 2 hour unloading time.  If the inbound shipment is “floor loaded” and not “palletized”, it may take longer than 2 hours to unload.  Please expect either drop and hook fees ($200+) where the trucker will drop the container and pick up the empty the next day, or wait fees (typically $30-50/hr) by the trucking company directly.  Shipwire is not responsible for these fees.  Please consider having the supplier ship the inbound receiving in a palletized form to avoid wait fees.


How do I schedule a Special Project?

We can do a Special Project for you, but only after we receive the related merchandise. The ASN # related to the merchandise must represent what the FINAL Product IDs will look like, AFTER the Special Project is completed. Special projects are available at the following rate:

  • $40 per hour
  • 3 hour minimum ($120)

One special project per ASN #

Shipwire ties a special project to a single ASN #. This means that all the aspects of the special project must be included in a single shipment, with one tracking number.

At the time the ASN # is received, all the contents of the ASN # will be laid out on a table, and the Special Project instructions will be followed.

The following special projects are available:

  • Add labels to each item you send us, so that the Product ID exactly matches the Product ID in your Shipwire account.
  • Open all the items relating to a Product ID, insert additional items, such as instructions or accessories. The instructions or accessories must arrive in a clearly marked bag or box, inside the same box as the Product ID.
  • Combine multiple items into a single Product ID, such as 3 accessories into an accessory pack. Bags or boxes must be provided, inside the same box as the Product ID.
  • Break one group of items into multiple Product IDs of differing quantities. For example, you may send us 10,000 of item (X), and want us to break them up into 300 packs of 20, 500 packs of 5, and leave 1,500 as singles. You would then end up with:
    Product ID #1: 300 x FDP20
    Product ID #2: 500 x FDP5
    Product ID #3: 1,500 x FDP1
    The ASN # related to this Special Project must represent what the FINAL Product ID (#1, #2 and #3) will look like, AFTER the Special Project is completed the bags or boxes we use to hold each Product ID together must be provided, inside the same box, and the same ASN #, as everything else.

Please be extremely specific

Assume the person doing the Special Project is NOT familiar with your product. This means:

  • Describe all aspects of the project concisely, and specifically.
  • Reference Product ID numbers, where ever possible.
  • Describe names and colors of items, whenever possible.

Project completion

After the project is completed, your inventory will automatically be entered into inventory in your account. Your inventory is then available for shipping.

What are the receiving service levels?

(All times are Pacific Standard Time.)

Task Timeline

Submit notice of new merchandise, and get ASN # and shipping address


Lifespan of ASN # after Estimated Arrival Date (in business days)

7 days

Pre-scheduling a container is required

8+ pallets

Advance notice for scheduling a container (in business days)

2 days

Receiving processing time (in business days)

2-5 days

Inventory status updated on Shipwire.com

7am PST


Note: Special Projects will delay receiving processing time, by 5-10 business days. For more information see Special Projects.

Why does it take 2-5 days to receive inventory?

Shipwire provides a service level for receiving your products to set a reasonable expectation on when your inventory will be ready to ship out of any one of our warehouses. We keep this same service level all year in all our warehouses to ensure we properly set expectations for all of our customers. It is important to keep your ASN up-to-date with the expected arrival date and tracking infomation for your inbound receiving. This allows Shipwire to capacity plan, ensuring a timely receiving. Even if you are sending in less than a pallet of inventory, keeping us up to date with arrival times will ensure we can receive your inventory in a timely manner even if other merchants are receiving multiple shipping containers at the same warehouse at the same time.

Receiving your inventory is much more than taking it out of a truck and sticking it on a rack. Initial receiving may involve counts, measurements, rack configuration and our warehouse IT system processes to ensure we can provide you real-time inventory counts on your products. Some IT systems have a time delay before synchronization. So while we may have your products on the shelves in less time, we ask for 2-5 days before we drop orders to the warehouse to ensure proper inventory counts can be maintained. Please note, that you can be submitting orders to Shipwire during the receiving time which will be held as backorders and pushed to the warehouse once the inventory is live.

Do I need a federal tax ID number?

In order to ship merchandise into the US, customs requires the owner of record to have a US Federal Tax ID number. If you are a merchant using Shipwire to ship merchandise for you, then you are the owner of record for anything we receive on your behalf. Merchandise we receive must be free and clear of Customs duties, in order for us to sign for it.

If you do not yet have a Federal Tax ID, then you have two options:

  1. Incorporate your business in the US Incorporate online in 2-3 business days.
  2. Obtain a personal tax id. Call 215-516-6999 for the international bureau of IRS registrations. The number can be issued the same day. You can then call the IRS forms office at 215-516-2000, and ask them to issue a registration confirmation via fax. You can then forward this to your carrier for processing of the import.


Can I visit my inventory?

No, once product is received by Shipwire, it is unavailable for inspection, exchange or pickup. Further, you will need to submit a standard order for shipping, if you wish to move the product to another location.

Can I personally drop off new merchandise?

No, our facilities are secure, and no visitation is allowed. Only a carrier licensed by the Department of Transportation, with a properly formatted shipping address and ASN #, is permitted on the lot.

How do I handle customs duty on imported goods?

You must be the ultimate consignee, and take responsibility for your merchandise clearing customs. If you will not be shipping the merchandise directly to Shipwire, be sure whomever is denotes you as responsible for Customs duties.

Is there a minimum number of items per ASN number?

Yes, there must be at least qty 3 items per sku associated with each ASN. One Case which contains at least qty 3 of the same sku will satisfy this minimum.

Can I modify an ASN number later?

No, once an ASN is created, it cannot be changed. It can only be canceled, and a new one created. Keep this in mind if you are giving the ASN to a vendor. It is your responsibility to make sure the correct ASN is on the shipping documentation.

Can I upload a spreadsheet of all the products and quantities I want to send Shipwire?

Yes, when you send one or two SKUs to Shipwire, it’s fast and easy to enter them in the browser. However when you have dozens of SKUs, it is faster to simply upload a spreadsheet with SKU names and quantities.


  • Download the list of SKUs currently in your account.
  • Set the quantities.
  • Upload the updated spreadsheet.

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