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Sending products to Shipwire

This is a step-by-step guide on how to send your products to a Shipwire warehouse. Before you start, please be sure to add your products in your dashboard and view these helpful guides:



Define what you are sending

Define what and how you’re going to be sending to Shipwire. You can send items one at a time, upload a spreadsheet to upload multiple product, or use the Shipment & Lot Builder.


Pick the warehouse

Pick the warehouse you want to send the product to, or enable a new warehouse by selecting the “enable warehouse” option located just right of the drop down menu.


Choosing how to send your product

Choose how you want to send your package. You can choose to print a shipping label to stick on your package, request a carrier pickup, pick up from port or overseas, or arrange it yourself.


Special projects

If you have a special task that you need performed with this shipment, such as breaking down inventory or labeling, select it in the Special Projects. For more information on special projects, see our FAQ.


Submit the send

Click Next, and choose the way in which Shipwire picks up your products. You can choose from several shipping options including express options when they’re available.

Then click Submit Order.


Order confirmation

You will then receive a confirmation of your shipping order and be taken to a summary screen. You can print the label which is provided on the summary page, attach them to your boxes, and your products are set to be sent to a Shipwire warehouse in the way you chose. A tracking number is also provided on the summary page.

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