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Receiving service levels

Our goal as your business partner is to bring the efficiencies of large-scale logistics operations to businesses both big and small. To achieve this goal, we have designed processes that work smoothly and quickly when reasonable standards are followed. So too, we treat every product as if it were our own. That way you can be assured that we give every product and order the attention it deserves. Because of our focus on quality, we provide expedited service levels for inbound shipments that meet Shipwire standard receiving guidelines, and qualitative service levels for receivings that do not meet the guidelines.

Below are Shipwire service levels for receivings that meet Shipwire standards:

Task Timeline

Submit notice of new merchandise, and get ASN # and shipping address

Real time

Lifespan of ASN # after Estimated Arrival Date (in business days)

7 days

Advance notice for scheduling a container (in business days)

2 days

Receiving processing time (in business days)

2-5 days

Inventory status updated on Shipwire.com

7am PST

(All times are in Pacific Standard Time)

For shipments of 8+ containers (512 cu.ft.) pre-scheduling is required before delivery.

Projects on receiving will delay receiving processing time by an additional 2-5 business days to complete. Plan accordingly, and monitor your Shipwire account for alerts. For more information see our Projects page.

Service level agreements

The Shipwire receiving process results in a service that can process nonstandard receivings without impacting the quick processing times that standard receivings demand. In combination, we’re able to deliver outsourced fulfillment services that operate at exceptionally high performance levels and can handle the occasional problematic receiving.

By following these Receiving Best Practices, you can eliminate receiving delays at the warehouse and allow your Shipwire warehouse to provide expedited service levels. Our goal is to get every product available for sale with no errors and in the least amount of time. By doing your part you can reduce the time it takes for us to process your inbound receiving, and avoid unnecessary charges, errors, and delays.

Receivings that do not follow these guidelines will incur the following additional costs depending on the level of complexity of the receiving:

Receiving type Timeline Fee

Follows guidelines

2-5 business days


Does NOT follow guidelines

2-10 business days

assessed on incremental work to receive


Shipping service levels

For a list of shipping service levels after receiving is complete please see our shipping options page.

Our holiday and warehouse schedule can help you plan for holiday shipping.

Please also review outbound freight shipment and international shipping requirements (crossing a border with a parcel).

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