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Pricing: storage and support

Calculating your storage & support cost will tell you the monthly price for the combination of storage space, unique products (SKUs), and inventory insurance that is ideally suited for your account.

Shipwire offers you an easy way to estimate your storage spend, which you can use to plan and forecast your inventory carrying costs.

Shipwire pricing | Order fulfillment guide

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Our printable Pricing Overview PDF guide explains how Shipwire pricing works and how it can benefit your business. Learn how to determine your fulfillment pricing for order handling, storage & support, and shipping.

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Storage & support pricing

You can find out your storage & support pricing by following these steps:

  1. Access the Account dropdown menu by clicking on your account name.
  2. Hover over “Billing”, then click on “Monthly Usage”.

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  4. Under the Storing Your Goods section, click on Explore pricing levels.

  5. Select the amount of storage you want to use in pallets or cu.ft.
  6. Choose how many unique products you’re going to have in storage. This number is across all your inventory. If you have a unique product in several warehouses, it only counts as one SKU.
  7. Enable or disable inventory insurance. You can also select your deductible and the total coverage you want for your inventory.
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Q.How do I dispose of obsolete inventory?

A.To dispose of specific inventory, and have the inventory removed from your storage count, contact our Care team directly.


   Disposing of obsolete inventory is the same as shipping inventory, but without the shipping fee. You will need an account balance sufficient to cover the number of items being disposed of.

   Please note that the number of items is determined at the time of receiving, and while a receiving package can be broken down for individual shipping, it cannot be rebuilt for bulk shipping, or disposal, later. Following the bulk shipping guidelines will help you avoid unnecessary fees by setting up master cases containing many items as a single item. This article is also applicable if your product is at risk for obsolescence, and if you need bulk disposal.

Q.Can I let my slow moving inventory sit indefinitely?

A.Shipwire is a shipping service first and foremost, therefore we reserve the right to apply long-term storage fees or require that slow-moving inventory be disposed of or shipped at your cost.

Q.When do I start accruing costs?

A.You start accruing costs the day we receive your first inventory. At that time, you will need to enter billing information, and your subscription will automatically start.


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