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Pricing: shipping

Shipwire offers transparent pricing for shipping with 17 different carriers. You get accurate and complete rates for every product you ship, and you can also get a quick estimate of the shipping rate for sending a product to a customer anywhere in the world right from your Shipwire account.

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Shipping pricing

You can get a shipping rate estimate for any type of product you ship from your Shipwire account even if you do not have any inventory in our fulfillment centers. You do this by:

  1. Go to the Orders tab in your Shipwire account
  2. Click on Get a Shipping Quote.
  3. Get a Shipping Quote

  4. Select the product(s) and quantities you wish to get a shipping rate estimate.
  5. Select items to ship

  6. Enter the estimated destination. If the destination is a commercial address, be sure to check the box.
  7. Enter destination

  8. You will see a full list of all rates available to you. Check the box next to a rate, then click Show Details.
  9. Compare all rates

  10. This will give an expanded breakdown of the shipping price. You can repeat this process to get breakdowns of every single method available to you.
  11. Price breakdown



Q.When is payment for shipping spend required?

A.Payment for carrier expenses is required prior to shipping a product. Payment must be cleared in your Shipwire account before an item is shipped to its destination address.

Q.How are shipping fees paid?

A.We pay all your shipping fees as they occur. Each of these fees is then debited from your Shipwire account balance, within 24 hours. You must maintain a minimum balance to cover a small percentage of expected shipping fees for your inventory. The minimum balance is recalculated daily, based on your inventory the previous day.

Q.Are there any additional charges to the shipping quote?

A.No. The shipping quote you see in your Shipwire account is what you pay.

Q.Can I use my own shipping accounts?

A.No, in order to provide a complete service with simple, bundled pricing, Shipwire must ship everything on its own shipping accounts. This applies to parcel and freight shipping.

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