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Pricing: order handling

Shipwire has purposely aligned the way it prices handling with the needs of the fast-growing business. Our pricing is:

  • Simple, and transparent
  • Does not require any oversight or management on your part
  • Is incurred when you actually ship, ensuring you only pay for what you use, when you need it
  • Rewards increased order volume with lower handling rates
Shipwire pricing | Order fulfillment guide

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Our printable Pricing Overview PDF guide explains how Shipwire pricing works and how it can benefit your business. Learn how to determine your fulfillment pricing for order handling, storage & support, and shipping.

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How it works

To ensure that higher volume activity is rewarded, Shipwire automatically discounts your order handling rate as you ship more orders throughout the month. These discounts are achieved at specific tiers, reflected in the table below:

Handling discount levels

Order volume Full pick price Additional pick(s) price

First orders


Per full pick


Per additional pick(s)

$.95 each

Next consecutive orders


Per full pick


Per additional pick(s)

$.75 each

Next consecutive orders


Per full pick


Per additional pick(s)

$.70 each

Next consecutive orders


Per full pick


Per additional pick(s)

$.65 each

Next consecutive orders


Per full pick


Per additional pick(s)

$.63 each

Next consecutive orders


Per full pick


Per additional pick(s)

$.62 each

Next consecutive orders


Per full pick


Per additional pick(s)

$.61 each

Next consecutive orders


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With this tiered pricing system, the need to accurately predict order volume is eliminated. When a higher order volume is reached, the pricing automatically moves to the next tier and lets you take advantage of the volume savings.

For example, let’s take a hypothetical 50th order which has 2 items in the same order. You will pay $2.85 for the first full item pick, and $0.95 for the additional item pick, making the handling charge for the order $3.80.

Now let’s take a 51st order, also containing 2 items. Because it is in the next volume tier, you will pay $2.25 for the first full item pick, and $0.75 for the additional item, with the total handling charges being $3.00.

You can quickly see how our pricing works, and what average rate you would pay on our Pricing page.

Shipwire handling fees are billed when your customer orders are processed by our warehouses, ensuring that you only pay for handling when you actually ship. Shipwire does not charge a handling fee when your product is received. We also do not have any monthly handling minimums, allowing you to ship as little, or as much as you need to, and to pay just for that.


Q.What are full and additional picks?

A.A full pick is the first item that goes into an order. An additional pick is any subsequent item that is added to that order. For example, if a customer places an order of three items the first item will be a full pick and incur a full pick price, and the next two items will be additional picks and each will incur the additional pick price.

Q.When do additional picks apply?

A.Additional item picks apply on all orders between 2 and 20 pick/pack items at the following Shipwire warehouses: Los Angeles, Pennsylvania, Chicago, Hong Kong, Toronto, and Sydney. The first pick/pack item in such an order will always be priced as a full pick. Orders over 20 items are excluded from this pricing. Lick & Stick products are always priced at full pick rates.

Q.Do I need to manage or adjust my settings to qualify for lower handling fees as I ship more in a month?

A.No. Shipwire will automatically calculate the price you pay for handling on any order. As you ship more in the month, you will earn into a discounted handling rate. Other aspects of Shipwire’s pricing work in a similar way. Other than deciding what features you need, you should not have to manage any other aspects of your pricing in order to get the most out of your account.

Q.Does my pricing level apply for the next billing cycle?

A.No, at the beginning of each billing cycle your order handling tier resets. This helps to automatically adjust the pricing tier as order volume increases, and prevents having to forecast orders each month.

   Special pricing is available for higher-volume merchants and merchants who are interested in contract pricing. Interested merchants can contact our sales team.

Q.How is my handling activity calculated?

A.Shipwire calculates your handling activity on a monthly cycle. This monthly cycle is the same as the one used to calculate your storage & support requirements. You can always see what monthly cycle you are on by going to your account dashboard, and looking at the billing summary pod.

Q.What happens if order volume is high during the first half of the month, and decreases afterwards?

A.This is common, especially during the holiday season, and Shipwire’s tiered pricing accommodates this. As order volume increases, a merchant continues to graduate through the pricing tiers. If there is a drop off in volume, the peak pricing tier is used throughout the billing cycle.

Q.When are funds charged?

A.Order handling and shipping are billed when an order comes in processed and sent to a Shipwire warehouse. Your shipping preferences would dictate how frequently you submit orders to Shipwire warehouses. Orders are not billed while they are still in the Shipwire order management layer.

   You can learn more about Same Day Shipping here.

Q.When is my order priced?

A.Each order is initially priced when it is assigned to a warehouse, as part of Shipwire’s shipping, packaging, and routing optimization. A final price is set, based on the specific pricing tier the order is at, once it is submitted to the warehouse, and billing has happened.

Q.How do I see how order handling fees are charged?

A.At any time, you can easily view the order handling fees incurred, either on an order by order basis (or in aggregate) in your Shipwire account. We also provide a detailed monthly billing statement, accessible through your account, that itemizes all of your charges.

Q.Can I choose to sign up for a contract to lock in pricing?

A.Yes, higher volume merchants can lock in a pricing tier by signing up for a contract. Please contact our sales team for further information.

Q.What is the trial about?

A.Shipwire will cover the handling and storage fees on your first 6 items shipped and we will cover your storage costs for up to 30 days. We do this to allow you to try us out, and verify that our service will work well to meet your needs. We hope you take advantage of the trial to ship at least one test order back to yourself. This is a great, low-cost way to learn more about Shipwire.

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