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Platform updates: March 2016

Here you will find all updates, features, and bug fixes to the Shipwire Platform for March, 2016

What’s New

  • New Stitch Labs connector for Shipwire platform: Stitch Labs, an online inventory control solution that automatically syncs inventory, orders and sales across channels, has built a connector to the Shipwire platform. This integration allows Shipwire users to use Stitch Labs as a centralized order hub (Order Management System). For more information on Stitch Labs, click here.
  • New Order Webhook topics: Shipwire users can now subscribe to be notified of “processed” and “submitted” Order Webhook topics. This helps to further automate workflows related to order updates.
  • Stock API support upgrade for Shipwire Anywhere: Shipwire users can now adjust their Shipwire Anywhere fulfillment center inventory using the V3 Stock API. Inventory adjustments can be done by providing either delta or quantity information.

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