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Packing behavior

Shipwire follows a standard process for packaging your products. To help minimize costs and prevent unnecessary errors, you should also follow our Packaging best practices.

How Shipwire packs orders

The general process for Pick and Pack order is:

  1. Your order is received by the fulfillment center
  2. Your item is picked up from its inventory location
  3. Shipwire picks the most optimized packaging based on product dimension and weight
  4. Postage is printed for your package

    Note: Ensure the weights and dimensions are entered correctly during product configuration, since postage is based on the information entered. If your product information is inaccurate, the carrier will charge extra upon delivery.
  5. Package is shipped to destination


Pick and Pack Saver

Shipwire offers Pick ‘n Pack service at all of its fulfillment centers. You can also take advantage of additional savings by using the Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Toronto, Vancouver, Sydney, and Hong Kong warehouses which offer the Pick and Pack Saver feature. These facilities offer deeply discounted pricing for pick/pack orders with multiple items.

Note: Pick and Pack Saver orders are available on orders of up to 20 items.

Please see our locations page for a list of all fulfillment centers that offer our Pick and Pack Saver services.

Types of packaging available

To provide you the best packaging options, Shipwire carries the most popular standard packaging sizes. Carrying these most common standard packaging options rather than all the sizes possible helps us keep storage and overhead costs down and pass the savings on to our customers.

When your order is shipped, the box size chosen will typically be determined by the largest dimension of your product.

Example: If your product is 10″ x 5″ x 4″, the box chosen for it may be 10″ x 8″ x 6″, with width being 2″ wider. While it is not exactly sized for your product, it is still the most optimal packaging for your product and lets you offer packaging at no additional cost.

Free & premium packaging
Our free packaging includes all of the materials necessary to ensure we can accommodate most standard-sized products. However, in the event that your product does not fit in our free packaging or where it can be more cost-effectively sent using other package types, Shipwire will pull from a wide assortment of custom box sizes to find the best possible fit. Your order quote will automatically include any packaging charges, and you will also see packaging charge breakdowns on a per-order basis. This ensures that the most commonly-shipped packages can benefit from free packaging. If standard options do not work, there is a wide array of packaging types and sizes, including custom box sizes and envelopes.

“Standard” packaging can vary between different warehouses. You can see a full list of the packaging available in each warehouse below:


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