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Multi-user account access

The basics

You can configure your Shipwire account to allow for one, or more users, to access it. Shipwire has the notion of three Account roles (or types): Administrator, User, and API. The account holder is essentially an Administrator, which allows this person to control who else has access to the account (whether API or other user types), while still having access to the rest of the Shipwire software functionality.

User role

User roles are granted similar privileges as the Administrator, but they cannot grant (or remove) access to other participants, and they cannot use their credential information to access the Shipwire API (also used in some cart connections). Once they have been provided with a login and password by the Account Administrator, they will have full access to the Shipwire user interface.

API role

API roles strictly restrict Shipwire access to API-only communications. This type of access is useful for certain cart connections, and for custom integrations. Someone who is granted API access will not be able to login to the Shipwire interface.

We recommend that you create a separate API user for each cart connection and custom integration that you use.

NOTE: If you are looking to move current API access from your Administrator role over to a new API role, please read this help article to ensure a smooth transition.

Adding a new user (or API) role

Setting up a new role is simple.

  1. Go to Account Profile, and ensure that you are logged in as the Administrator.
  2. Account Profile

  3. Locate the Account Access and click on Add new.
  4. Add new

  5. You will be prompted to enter your password.
  6. Select the type of account you would like to create. For user roles, we allow you to forward an email to the new user, and/or we can send the new account information directly to you. You will be able to select a password for a user role. For API roles, Shipwire will auto-generate the required password (also called a “key” or “token”) for maximum security.
  7. Account type

  8. Enter the email, first and last names for the new user. If you are creating an API user, we recommend using a fake email address such as Name_of_cart_to_be_connected_to_shipwire@yourcompanyname.com and unchecking the option to “Email user with account access instructions”. This will cause the administrator to receive an email with the API password details for this new user (rather than an email going to an invalid email address).
  9. New user email

  10. Once complete, you will receive a confirmation screen.
  11. Confirmation


Restricting access

As an Administrator, know that you can always limit your account access at any time, simply by deleting existing users, and/or API connections. It is also worth noting that any information that is already obscured in your interface will be obscured for other user roles.

edit privileges


Shipwire recognizes that some account holders will want additional controls over who can access what within the Shipwire account. We look forward to hearing more from you about your specific needs.

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