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Mixed Receiving

What is a Mixed Receiving?

A mixed receiving is any type of ASN that requires our warehouse staff to sort SKUs into different containers before receiving it into the inventory.

Most commonly this occurs when a receiving has different individual SKUs mixed in one package together.

What happens if an ASN arrives “mixed”?

Sorting out a mixed receiving can be labor intensive and time consuming, therefore such receivings are subject to a fee.

The fee is calculated based on the amount of time it takes to sort out the ASN, and the charge is $40 per hour, with 1 hour minimum.

How to avoid a Mixed Receiving fee?

Make sure that your supplier understands the Shipwire receiving guidelines and sorts out individual SKUs before sending them to Shipwire.

Consider sending your inventory in Master Cases or Inner Packs to ensure that the unique SKUs are separated. You can have different Master Cases and Inner Packs placed into a single shipping package and you will not incur any sorting fees.

If Master Cases and Inner Packs are not a good solution for you, make sure that each unique SKU is has its own package; label the package with the name of the individual SKU and the quantity inside.

What if you need different SKUs packaged together?

If you sell different SKUs together, you should consider creating kits.

NOTE: While there are fees associated with a mixed receiving, we will never reject your shipment because it required sorting. It is up to you to decide if it is more cost effective for you to send us a mixed receiving, or make sure it is sorted before shipping to our warehouses.

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