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Leaving Shipwire

Shipwire is an on-demand provider of fulfillment contracts. This means that you can leave Shipwire at any time.

If you want to close your account with Shipwire and stop Shipwire billing for storage services, you must exit all inventory from Shipwire. Your Shipwire online account will remain available to you so that you can access your data.

The winding down process to leave Shipwire can depend on factors such as the complexity of services we provide to your business and your timing.

Piecemeal inventory outship

The easiest way to exit all inventory from your Shipwire account is to ship it out in the normal course of business as you outship orders to your buyers. Some things to think about:

  • Often some small amount of inventory will remain, such as non-sellers, returns, or damaged goods. To outship that inventory see Permanent Inventory Withdrawal below.
  • As you turn off Shipwire and introduce another ship-from location you may need to disconnect your Shipwire cart and marketplace connections. More complex e-commerce setups may require an order management software to dispatch orders between multiple fulfillment providers.


Bulk Permanent Inventory Withdrawal

If you want to outship (or dispose) inventory from Shipwire warehouses in bulk, this process must be conducted through an outship order with a withdraw (exit) Project. The time to conduct an inventory withdraw will depend on its level of complexity and whether the account owner is contesting any business dealing with Shipwire.

You can contact Shipwire Care and identify a permanent inventory withdrawal to be connected to a Project specialist. This person will work with you to facilitate the orders, withdrawal options, and costs. Some considerations:

  • Order outship costs apply to withdrawal of inventory. To dispose of inventory, an outship order must be processed.
  • Each warehouse that you presently hold inventory will require a withdrawal order.
  • If you are contesting issues with Shipwire that require a supervisor or executive review of costs and issues, please allow some time for us to collect information and it is helpful if you prepare us a list of concerns.
  • Please allow up to two weeks for a clean inventory withdrawal with no contested costs or issues.
  • By default the following will occur on orders with withdrawal projects:
    • All inventory will be outshipped (good, damaged, and returns).
    • Freight charges are billed to merchant freight accounts.
    • Within 2 business days of the exit order closing in the Shipwire system, the Shipwire team will zero out inventory in the impacted warehouses (purge pending) to ensure all inventory levels are at zero.
    • We recommend redirecting any returns. Any inventory returned to Shipwire will be restocked and require a second exit order.
    • The default is that the Shipwire account will remain available to the merchant to be able to review account activity.


Abandoned account handling

Please see Shipwire Terms of Service for Shipwire handling of accounts abandoned through non-use and non-payment.

Account abandonment does not alleviate account owners from costs of account winding down or past billed amounts. Proactive account abandonment will however inform Shipwire that we must take mitigating actions and help you keep your costs contained as you wind-down your relationship with Shipwire.

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