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Hong Kong warehouse resources

This white paper was the culmination of research and gathering of industry knowledge about Asia-Pacific markets. It’s a comprehensive guide for entering the Asia-Pac marketplace, and includes market research, best practices, and case studies about how to extend your product’s reach into Asia and Australia and using pick and pack fulfillment in Hong Kong.

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The white paper is broken down into the following parts:

  • Chapter 1 – Over a billion new e-commerce buyers in reach: market opportunities in Asia-Pacific
  • Chapter 2 – The Hong Kong fulfillment center: the key to Asia-Pac
  • Chapter 3 – Case study: how ToyFoundry conquered Asia-Pac with Fruit Ninja
  • Chapter 4 – Your Hong Kong go-to-market strategy in five steps
  • Chapter 5 – Gaining access to Asia-Pac buyers: staging in Hong Kong
  • Chapter 6 – Product tips for Asia-Pac: internationalizing for your market


The resources below are organized by the white paper chapter in which their callout boxes were placed. They go in greater depth on topics that were not central to the white paper, but that may be necessary to explore in order to maximize knowledge of a certain topic.

Chapter 4: Your Hong Kong go-to-market strategy in five steps

Registration and licensing requirements
Learn about Hong Kong regulations on business registration and licensing. This is an official Government of Hong Kong web site, and also includes information about taxation, labor legislation, and intellectual property.

Shipping in bulk: B2B, lots, and wholesale
Learn more about sending bulk product to Hong Kong, master case and “lot” management.

Receiving best practices
This resource provides guidelines for sending your products to a fulfillment center, and includes best practices that ensure your product becomes available for sale quickly and reliably.

U.S.-Korea 2012 Free Trade Agreement
Read official documentation about the benefits of the 2012 U.S.-Korea Trade Agreement.

Chapter 5: Staging in Hong Kong: reaching new customers in Asia-Pac

Obtaining import/export licenses in Hong Kong
Official Government of Hong Kong resource page for information on obtaining an import/export license.

Hong Kong Tariffs on Apparel
Information about tariff regulations on apparel and related components from the official Hong Kong Imports and Exports Classification List.

Quota rules for textiles and other commodities
Resource for information on import and export rules on textiles and other commodities.

Chapter 6: Internationalizing your product for the Asia-Pac marketplace

Packaging, labeling, and legal compliance resources for Asia-Pac countries

Harvard Business Review: From Made In China to Made For China
Harvard Business Review article about the shifts in demand and purchasing behavior among Chinese consumers.

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