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Part 3: Review Checklist and Going Live

Onboarding Table of Contents

Onboarding Overview

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Part 1: Learning the Basics

Part 2: Testing your Free Trial

Part 3: Review Checklist and Going Live (This page)

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Getting started with Shipwire is easy. By now you should have gone through parts 1, 2, and 3 of this Onboarding starter guide. You should also have registered and attended two Office Hours sessions.

Before you are ready to go live and speak with our support team, you should go through the checklist below and make sure you have completed the necessary tasks, watched the videos, or read the articles that pertain to it.

Once you’ve completed the checklist, book a 1-on-1 go-live phone call with us.

Getting started checklist

To read about a specific topic, click the Learn more links, which will take you to the appropriate section of the Support Center.

You have reviewed Shipwire pricing and free trial minimum account charges Learn more
Created your Shipwire account
Learn more
Learning the basics
Product education
Your products fit Shipwire Acceptable Use guidelines Learn more
You can set up products and know the difference between each type of product Learn more
You have reviewed and understand how Shipwire pricing works Learn more
Receiving education
You can create a receiving order and obtain an ASN Learn more
Your products follow standard receiving guidelines Learn more
Packaging education
Your product packaging is appropriate Learn more
Your labels meet specifications Learn more
Shipping education
You know how to ship an order Learn more
Inventory management education
You understand how to ship in bulk and how cases work Learn more
Testing your Free Trial
You have created products in your Shipwire account
You have completed receiving in a Shipwire warehouse
Your shopping cart or other sales channel is connected and tested Learn more
You have run test shipping quotes on your products Learn more
Preparing to go live
Your inventory is stocked in a Shipwire warehouse
Your account is funded and you understand how billing works Learn more
You have shipped a test product to yourself and are happy with result


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