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Flexport is an online licensed freight forwarder and customs brokerage. Flexport helps companies move their products from their manufacturers around the world to Shipwire’s facilities.

Connection Information
Developer: Flexport
Support: support@flexport.com
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Advanced Ship Notice (ASN) – your ASN will be automatically sent from Flexport to Shipwire using Shipwire’s receivings API.

Connecting Shipwire within Flexport

  1. Enable your Shipwire account for API. If you have not created an API user yet, please read Adding a new user (or API) role. Please do not use your regular Shipwire administrator user email and password (read “Why API Users are better” on the Moving API access from administrator to API roles page).
  2. To enable the integration on your Flexport account, login and select ‘Account Settings’
  3. flexport-1

  4. In the ‘Integrations’ tab, enter your Shipwire API username and password and click ‘Configure’
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  6. View the ASN in Action! Once the delivery is scheduled and arrival date is confirmed, Flexport will automatically send the ASN to Shipwire and provide real time updates
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