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Warehouse holiday schedule & calendar

Warehouse Holiday Schedule

Shipwire warehouses are closed on weekends (Saturday and Sunday). They are also closed on national holidays (details below).

Because Shipwire is multi-national and often in different states, providences, and territories, the warehouse holiday schedule can have regional differences. If a national holiday falls on a weekend date, a warehouse will likely be closed on the surrounding Friday or Monday. Typically, if the holiday falls on a Saturday, the warehouse will be closed the Friday before; if the holiday falls on a Sunday, then the warehouse is closed on the next Monday.

If you expect high order variability this holiday period, please provide your forecast by contacting us.

Starting November 25th, our primary focus will be to get orders out the door and into the hands of customers in time for the holidays.

See our blog post, where we go over some tips on preparing for this holiday season.

January: New Year’s Day (all warehouses), 2nd (all warehouses)

April: Good Friday, Easter Monday (UK)

May: 4th, bank holiday (UK), Memorial Day (U.S.)

July: 4th, Independence Day (U.S.); 1st, Canada Day (Canada)

August: 1st Monday, civic holiday (Canada); 31st, public holiday (UK)

September: Labor Day

October: 2nd Monday, Canadian Thanksgiving (All Canadian Shipwire warehouses closed. While not observed everywhere, some carriers and locations will take this holiday)

November: Hanukkah begins; 11th, Remembrance Day (Canada); Thanksgiving (all U.S. warehouses closed Thanksgiving day)

December Holiday closures:

  • 25th – All warehouses (all day)
  • 26th – All warehouses (all day)
  • 27th – All warehouses (all day)
  • 28th – Toronto, Vancouver, London, Hong Kong, & Australia


Inbound Service Level Deadlines

The following dates indicate the last days of 2015 that have guaranteed Service Level Agreements for Inbound shipments.

  • Standard work orders for all warehouses – November 20, 2015
  • Qualified ASN and RMA delivery SLA to US warehouses – November 20th, 2015
  • Qualified ASN and RMA delivery SLA for non-US warehouses – December 4th, 2015
    • Note:Warehouses in Canada, Australia, and Netherlands will not accept ASN deliveries from December 21-28. Delivery attempts on these dates will be rejected. These facilities will reopen for ASN deliveries on December 29th.


Outbound Order Service levels

All times are Pacific Standard Time.

Order transmitted to warehouse

1:30am, 5:30am, 10:30am, 1:30pm,
and 6:30pm (all times are Local
Warehouse Time)

Shipment processing time (in business days)

1-2 days

Tracking numbers updated on Shipwire

7:00am (PST)


(in business days)

2-5 days (w/proper returns label only)


Please note: Once an order is processed to the warehouse, it may not be edited or canceled.  If you would like the flexibility to have time to edit and cancel orders beyond the given time allowed, consider dropping orders less frequently to the warehouse under your shipping preferences.

Once processed at the warehouse, orders typically ship within 1 business day.
The exceptions may include: after holiday weekends, peak/busy influx of orders, international shipments requiring manual commercial invoices, or sku recognition issues.

2015 Holiday SLA Exception dates include:

  • November 30
  • December 1st
  • December 2nd
  • December 14th

While we make a best effort to ship your orders as soon as we get them, please keep in mind we are a global business occasionally affected by local and cross border circumstances beyond our control. Whenever possible, we will pre-alert you to circumstances that may cause delays.

2015 Ecommerce Holiday Shipping Calendar

Download the 2015 edition of the annual Shipwire Ecommerce Holiday Shipping Calendar and stay informed about the most important dates this holiday season. Be sure to download and print the PDF version of the calendar below and add the important dates to your calendar software automatically to get your Christmas shipping done in time.

E-commerce holiday shipping calendar
E-commerce holiday schedule and calendar

Download e-commerce holiday shipping calendar


Freight shipments

Please note that Freight shipments typically take longer to assemble and ship than a standard parcel shipment. Freight shipment assembly varies based on size and complexity of the shipment and do not follow the standard service guidelines of a normal parcel order. Please plan ahead and get your Freight orders in 1-2 weeks prior to the deadline. Please reach out to Shipwire support team for guidelines for outbound freight orders with 1000 or more items.

Shipwire typically schedules a pickup for 24 hours after submission of an order to the warehouse. However the carrier may require additional time to coordinate a pickup. For time sensitive shipments, we recommend breaking large orders into multiple smaller orders, in order to use an express carrier such as UPS or FedEx.

International shipping

When you ship to, between, or from Shipwire warehouses, crossing a border adds an extra element: customs and duties. Customs is the government border agency that reviews all inbound and outbound shipments. Shipwire handles the paperwork for you, though please be advised that the government border agency is a standalone agency that has the ability to hold or delay a shipment, refuse a shipment and return it, or assign a duties fee. While we make every effort to assist with the smooth processing of your shipment through Customs, returns and duties remain your responsibility. To alleviate the risk of returns and duties, we recommend using multiple Shipwire warehouses and shipping domestically whenever possible.

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