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International shipping & commercial invoice

Any order that is shipped from a Shipwire warehouse in a given country (e.g. UK), to a destination address in a different country requires additional paperwork (a commercial invoice) to clear customs. Learn more about the risks inherent in international shipping here.

Commercial Invoice

Shipwire will produce the required paperwork for all of your international orders, but does require certain information to be present. Orders that do not have sufficient information will automatically be placed on hold until the required information is supplied. Once present, these orders will automatically clear their holds, and be processed. However, you can avoid any unnecessary delays by ensuring that all of the required company and product-level information needed (by customs) is supplied before we receive your international orders.

Uploading or editing the Commercial Invoice

Shipwire lets you upload or modify your own Commercial Invoice right in your account during the Ship from Warehouse process, under the Ship menu in your account dashboard.

Shipwire commercial invoice

If you wish to upload a Commercial Invoice, select Upload my own commercial invoice. Choose the file, then click upload. Note that there is a $2.50 charge per commercial invoice.

In certain situations, it may be necessary to override the value that Shipwire uses to prepare your invoice (e.g. wholesale orders). When wholesale purchase orders are processed, the retail value of each item should reflect the price your wholesaler paid, and not the full retail value as expressed in your Shipwire product catalog. This will ensure that you or your customer do not overpay for associated customs duties or tariffs. Shipwire allows you to directly confirm and/or input the desired commercial invoice values on an order-by-order basis.

If you wish to modify your Commercial Invoice values, select Customize values used during the Ship from Warehouse flow and manually edit the appropriate values:


Highlights of the Commercial Invoice

The image included below (click image to enlarge) highlights a number of the key fields that are used to populate the commercial invoice. Find quick links immediately below this image to set any of the missing fields:

  1. EIN: Any orders that are shipping from or to the U.S. require that you have a U.S.-obtained Employee Identification Number
  2. SKU name/description: Your product SKU name and description (as defined in Store, Manage Products) are used to describe your goods
  3. Country of manufacture: Your product’s country of manufacture, or if assembled from parts, the country of final assembly (the Made In field, as defined in Store, Manage Products)
  4. Harmonized Tariff System: If you have specified the HTS code (as defined in Store, Manage Products), it will be added to your product description; note that supplying HTS can accelerate customs processing
  5. Unit value: Your product SKU retail value in USD (the retail field, as defined in Store, Manage Products) is used to highlight its commercial value


Quick Links

EIN: You can set your EIN in your Shipwire account under My Account->Account Setup->Billing (and editing), or by going to this link.  Learn more about the EIN here.

Manage Products: You can edit all of the product-related details under My Account->Store->Manage Products, or by going to this link. HINT: If you have many products to edit, it may be faster to use our Spreadsheet upload. Simply click on the ‘Upload Spreadsheet’ from within Manage Products, and download the template. It will autopopulate with all of your existing products. You can then add the missing fields. For international order processing, only the Country of Manufacture is required (the HTS field is optional).

Learn more about the HTS and Made In field requirements here.

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