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Shipwire order fulfillment for BigCommerce is available via Orderdesk. This connector works with the BigCommerce Single Click Apps API and is a ready-to-use integration that can be set up quickly without any programming knowledge. This integration was built and is supported by Orderdesk.

Connection Information
Who developed integration: Orderdesk
Support Contact: Open a support ticket or call 208-409-1979
Status: Clients actively using the connection, no known issues



Order Entry – Orders are submitted to Shipwire from your BigCommerce store via our Order Entry API.

Order Tracking – All tracking information related to completed shipments is pulled automatically, including expected delivery dates.

Multi-Ship support – Orderdesk automatically handles multiple shipping addresses per order, splitting them into multiple orders for Shipwire.

Faster sync times and manual sync – On a free Orderdesk plan, your orders sync once daily. You may sync hourly on a “Pro” plan.

Inventory sync – Orderdesk Pro users can enable Shipwire inventory syncing. Update your BigCommerce order inventory with live numbers from Shipwire four times a day.


  1. Log in to your BigCommerce control panel, click “Apps” and find the “Orderdesk” app. Click “Install”.
  2. After completing the Orderdesk installation, click “Manage Integrations” and click “Enable” on the Shipwire integration.
  3. Enter the API user email and password associated with your Shipwire account in the corresponding boxes. If you have not created an API user yet, please read Adding a new user (or API) role. Please do not use your regular Shipwire administrator user email and password (read “Why API Users are better” on the Moving API access from administrator to API roles page).
  4. Run a test to ensure everything works correctly.




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