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Before Sending Us Your Product – Checklist

Getting products to Shipwire is not complicated; but, it’s important to think through a few things before the goods are in motion. A few of these items were covered above briefly for the free trial inventory.

In this section we’re going to clarify the steps that should be accomplished before you send a pallet or a container of inventory. Understanding everything up front will ensure the fastest receiving and inventory availability date.

I.   Are your products coming in as bulk (wholesale) inventory or individual items?

To maximize your warehouse shipping options, reduce or eliminate deposit requirements, and give yourself wholesale shipping options at the lowest cost send inventory in as wholesale quantities. We can always break down a carton to ship an individual unit.

  • Example of bulk shipping and SKU management.
  • If you need help deciding how to identify your SKU see adding products.
  • Our video tutorials have more examples of this (note, our interfaces have slightly changed; but, the model remains the same). Tutorial #3 covers setting this up and gives examples. Tutorial #4 covers it in greater detail.
  • Your plan consists of “items” shipped. An item is a shippable unit. This can be an individual widget, a carton of 10 widgets or a master carton containing 10 boxes of 10 widgets. You can see how this can really impact your wholesale shipping costs. Contact sales or attend a webinar if you have any questions.

II. Are your shippable units labeled with the SKU number?

  • Each shippable unit should be labeled as a SKU.
  • See “I” above for information on defining a shippable unit.
  • Here is a complete resource for labeling and supplier instructions.
  • If you need Shipwire to label your products at the time of receiving see Special Projects below.

III. Do you need any special handling on the merchandise when it arrives at the warehouse?

The warehouse can kit, label, bag and reconfigure inventory BEFORE it is received into inventory. This is called a special project.

  • When you walk through the “Send to Shipwire” wizard you will be able to define special projects.
  • If you need a Special Project, please review our Special Projects Information page.
  • Shipwire highly recommends inbound shipping insurance.

IV. Is your shipment information accurate for faster processing?

Please keep your Shipwire account up to date with changes to arrival dates or changes to packing lists. The more we know at the time of arrival, the better.   You can do this by updating the ASN# for your inbound Shipment.

  • Start by review our qualified receiving help file.
  • When you go through the “Send to Shipwire” wizard you will be building a packing list of what the warehouse should receive. If you use a supplier, make sure it matches the supplier list.
  • For shipments of 8 pallets or more (including containers) we need to schedule the receiving to make sure the loading docks and personnel are ready to promptly and accurately receive your products.
  • We can unload, inventory and have available for shipping a qualified receiving within 2-5 days. Please review our receiving service levels to better understand receiving times and qualified receiving requirements.

Shipping product from a Shipwire warehouse

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