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CIO, January 31, 2007

“Shipwire is a soup-to-nuts shipping service for small businesses, particularly those who are outside the U.S. It includes warehouse services, manages inventory, helps you with customs, and lets your suppliers ship directly to the warehouse. For the e-commerce customer, the shipping process is the same — only more efficient. It could be a boon for small businesses, especially those outside North America.” Read more.

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DEMO 07:

Kauffman eVenturing, January 31, 2007

“ is remarkable for many reasons, chief among is that their technology has the potential to literally fuel new company formation., in a nutshell, enables a merchant to go online with their business, and then can use Shipwire to take care of nearly all logistics involved in getting product into the customers hands.” Read more.

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Speaking of Outsourcing: Shipwire Outsources the Warehouse

CNet, January 31, 2007

“Lick and stick, or pick and pack? I don’t know. And if you don’t either, and you’re trying to start an online store, you might want to check out Shipwire, which will handle your online business’ shipping needs for you. Instead of having your suppliers ship goods to you that you then have to warehouse and ship to your customers, you ask your suppliers to send everything to Shipwire, which will handle all the heavy lifting, licking, sticking, and packing.” Read more. | PDF Version.

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DEMO – Shipwire

The World Technology Roundup, January 31, 2007

“The idea of working anywhere doesn’t just apply to nomadic executives. Now a new company called Shipwire has done the same thing for companies which want to have remote shipping and inventory management. The beauty of Shipwire is how they have made their presence transparent to their customer’s customer. What’s more their geographic spread and planned buying power to bring costs of shipping down makes this something perfect for the cottage industry of eBay sellers. As a matter of fact if this company takes off look for them to be a perfect buy for eBay as they are already accepting PayPal.” Read more. | PDF Version.

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San Jose Mercury News, January 31, 2007

“ is operating some big warehouses where it can stock inventory and allow small businesses to extend themselves into new markets. If you”re a small business in England, you could open a virtual office in the United States with Your manufacturer, perhaps in Taiwan, could ship directly to the Shipwire warehouses. You can take orders over the web and would fulfill them. You can log in at a portal to monitor sales, add new products to your line, send merchandise, process orders and do other work for you.” Read more.

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