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Case Study The People's Chemist

A natural medicine provider focuses on healing by outsourcing its shipping and logistics

How a natural medicine e-tailer discovered its shipping Rx.

“The People’s Chemist” Shane Ellison wants everyone to live a healthy life without prescription drugs.

Jeff Milano, The People’s Chemist CEO, wants to run a business that markets Ellison’s natural medicines and lets Ellison, an organic chemist, work on more products and write books about wellness.

Together, the men are out to persuade consumers that preventive medicine is a better approach to avoiding common diseases ranging from Type 2 diabetes and obesity to skin cancer.

The company sells through its own website and on Amazon.

Both men recognize that no cure is effective unless it is in the hands of the people who need it, and running their own warehouse wasn’t working. It was costly and error-prone, and detracted from their core mission.

They turned to Shipwire in 2008 and quickly recognized Shipwire prescription for accuracy in filling orders and on-time delivery. The company uses Shipwire’s Chicago warehouse, serving thousands of customers monthly.

The last thing I want to do in my day is pay attention to my shipping; it just needs to flow, and Shipwire makes that happen.

— Jeff Milano, CEO The People’s Chemist

Keeping customers happy

“The People’s Chemist has fans, not customers, and Shipwire makes sure our fans get what they ordered when they expect it,” says Ellison, who left the pharmaceutical industry to pursue research into natural medicine.

While Shipwire easily integrates with more than 50 e-commerce applications, The People’s Chemist required a custom integration and special attention to help them automate their orders.

“Sometimes it seems like we were working with the most prehistoric shopping cart on the Internet, but I like that Shipwire worked with us to make it perform as we need it to. Now, the shipping is seamless,” says Milano, who likes to run the business from his laptop, not a desk.

That fits the Shipwire model because no matter where Milano is, he can call up his Shipwire dashboard to track sales, delivery costs and get a host of other reports.

“Shipwire gives us back a lot of time, and we love Shipwire,” he says.

Because Shipwire has six warehouses on three continents, Milano knows he has plenty of options as the company expands internationally.

“We’re looking at Shipwire for Canada and in London, for the European Union when the time comes. In the meantime there are a lot of health problems in the United States that we are addressing,” Milano says. “Automating our business with Shipwire has been one of the best things we did to grow our sales.”

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