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A scalable order fulfillment solution for Soylent's subscription and per-order sales models


SoylentTM is a pioneer in food technology, delivering nutritionally-complete staple meals that provide all the essential nutrients required to fuel the human body. Soylent is produced with sustainability and efficiency in mind to create a convenient, nutritious, and affordable meal that is better for our health and the environment. CEO/Co-founder Rob Rhinehart and team developed Soylent after recognizing the need for a simpler, more efficient food source. For more information, visit www.soylent.com.

Trusted service

Soylent is qualified as a food, rather than a supplement. In addition to valuing customer experience and consistent service, the added pressure of shipping a food product meant that Soylent needed an order fulfillment solution they could trust. “Number one is that we have a consistent, reliable partner to make sure that customers who are replacing 100 percent of their food or even 20 percent of their food, get their supply on time,” Heston Green, Director of Logistics, explained.

Flexibility and scalability

Since Soylent is a fast-growth company, “Flexibility is important for us; we move quickly,” Green said. “We’re constantly moving and changing and we needed an agile and willing partner to move with us.” Other order fulfillment options were more rigid and not as fast moving.

We’re constantly moving and changing and we needed an agile and willing partner to move with us.

— Heston Green, Director of Logistics, Soylent

Along with offering flexible service and features, “It was very important that our fulfillment partner could handle domestic and international shipping,” Green added. Soylent started in the U.S., but also needed to reach customers in Canada and has sights set on other international markets.

Solutions that fit

With Shipwire, Soylent found solutions to meet its needs. The company sells per order as well as through a subscription-based model, and Shipwire is able to handle order fulfillment for both with ease. “We provide a staple food product, so consistency and reliability were non-negotiables” said Green. “Shipwire was the leader of the pack and that was a tipping factor for us to go with that platform.”

They also found options for international expansion. “We expanded into Canada with the click of a button,” Green said. In addition to enabling a broader reach, he explained that Shipwire has helped Soylent expand faster and save more in other ways, too. “They’ve pushed features ahead that weren’t even on their roadmap for us,” which has made Soylent’s processes more efficient and cost-effective.

Value in partnership

The right locations, technology, and solutions were all key in Soylent choosing Shipwire, but the value of a true partnership was perhaps the most important. “Our account manager is Kim, and I feel like she’s part of my team,” Green added. “With Shipwire, we get a full service platform. We have an account manager and a dedicated customer service representative. We’ve really grown together as partners and learned things from each other. It’s been a great experience.”

Soylent is continuing to release updated products and plans to continue its growth beyond North America and Canada. “We want to make the best product possible and get it into the hands of customers as quickly as we can”, said Green. “Shipwire is helping us do that.”

In Shipwire, Soylent found:

  • A global network of fulfillment centers
  • A flexible and scalable SaaS technology platform
  • Custom solutions supported by a dedicated and responsive Professional Services Team
  • Unmatched personal attention and account management


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