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Case Study Rosenfeld Media

UX design publishing company leads the pack by fulfilling global orders

A small publishing company becomes a global source for user experience design expertise

In the highly niched and underserved community of user experience design (UX), Rosenfeld Media became the first publisher dedicated to the field. With eight UX top sellers already published and sixteen more on the way, Rosenfeld Media was finding an expanding global market, but their existing fulfillment services were adding obstacles to their expansion plans into consulting and running seminars and classes for UX design.

“We’re a user experience company, so it’s important for us that our customers have a positive brand experience from beginning to end,” said Lou Rosenfeld, founder of Rosenfeld Media. “Shipwire helped us take care of that, which freed us to expand the Rosenfeld brand.”

Expanding so quickly into new lines of business simply would not have been possible without Shipwire’s help.

— Lou Rosenfeld, Rosenfeld Media

Being able to automate lot breaks made it easier to sell frequent, small shipments of their UX books. One particular Shipwire product frequently deployed was the Lick ‘n Stick service that allowed frictionless fulfillment of pre-sealed products.

Global presence with a local team

“People are impressed that we can quickly get them books in Europe and, really, all over the world. This helps us grow brand loyalty,” says Rosenfeld.

Although based in Brooklyn, NY, Rosenfeld’s books are published in Michigan and are shipped across the world throughout the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, and East Asia. As more of their quality and beautifully produced UX books were sold, the task and process of submitting orders to their Michigan fulfillment center became very cumbersome. They soon realized they had two problems: 1) their fulfillment center could not scale fast enough to match their growth; 2) they couldn’t expand into their other ventures – beyond books – if they remained with their current provider or had to manage fulfillment themselves.

Rosenfeld Media has always emphasized design and quality service. They turned to Shipwire because the platform was more progressive than other companies and shared the same value of listening to customers to improve their product offering. As a result, Rosenfeld Media has experienced very strong growth and by outsourcing their shipping and fulfillment logistics have been able to explore new revenue streams.

No matter where their new clients are, Rosenfeld Media has used Shipwire’s global warehouse hubs to have a worldwide presence. This year, with the time and effort they’ve saved, they are starting two new lines of business: a catalog of courses that can be taught in-house, and a high-end consulting business. They are one step closer to launching a digital UX academy geared toward helping people become better designers.

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