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Case Study Pagnol Moto

Motorcycle accessory brand, Pagnol Moto, needed international warehousing to reach overseas customers

Shipping as fast as they ride, Pagnol Moto is gaining ground in the world of motorcycle accessories

When two motorcycle enthusiasts met at a California raceway, they got to talking about riding jackets. The consensus: the fashions currently on the market mean that “You either look like a Power Ranger or a cowboy coming off a bike,” said James Yang, Cofounder of Pagnol Moto, “and there aren’t many stylish and functional options out there that you’d want to wear after riding.”

With respective backgrounds in fashion and moto design and business, Paulo Rosas and James Yang had independently been exploring updated jacket designs for bikers. They agreed that a more versatile and stylish jacket simply hadn’t been created yet.

Both riders themselves, he and Rosas know the value of a protective, functional jacket. First, they focused on creating better jacket features for maneuverability and airflow. They also believed functionality could coexist with great style and wanted a jacket that could be worn off a bike without drawing attention to the fact that it was a riding jacket. With different, but complementary skills, it seemed natural that the two men team up, and so they did.

With their first jacket, the M1, now on the market, Pagnol Moto is already hearing and seeing great feedback from fans.

We want to continue creating products designed by real riders for real riders. We want to be the Patagonia of the motorcycle community.

— James Yang, Cofounder, Pagnol Moto

The pair knew from the start that they wanted someone else to handle shipping and logistics for the jackets. Given the popularity of motorbikes in Europe, they suspected a large number of their customers would be based there, so when they sought out a fulfillment company, they looked for a partner with a presence in Europe.

Shipwire’s fulfillment center in the UK offers the Pagnol Moto team easy access to their customers abroad, and that, plus the fact that Shipwire offers fulfillment for a range of order volumes (Pagnol knew they would start off small, but also wanted growth potential), set the stage for a new relationship.

By removing the time it takes the fulfill and ship orders from their busy schedules, Rosas and Yang have time to concentrate on developing their product and business. Pagnol Moto hopes to expand its product line and increase its headcount within the next year. “We want to continue creating products designed by real riders for real riders, ” said Yang. “We want to be the Patagonia of the motorcycle community.”

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