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Case Study Mobee

Using Shipwire to ship the Magic Chargerâ„¢

As sales soar, Shipwire keeps Tech firm’s distributors charged

Mobee Technology has a breakout product in its wireless recharging station for the Apple Magic Mouse. Mobee turned to Shipwire to make sure there was no breakdown between producers, consumers, and distributors.

Alexandre Colot’s intensity is crackling through the telephone. His Magic Charger™, a wireless recharging station for the Apple® Magic Mouse™, is about to be a featured product on daily deals site woot.com.

The Mobee Technology CEO needs to know that his logistics partner, Shipwire, is ready for the anticipated avalanche of consumer demand.

No problem: last year during the Christmas rush, a single Shipwire fulfillment center handled 7,000 individual consumer orders for one company in one day without losing a step in serving other clients in the same warehouse.

I wasn’t expecting so many B2B possibilities: warehouses, carrier options, light freight, international shipping. Shipwire’s flexibility has been refreshing. I want to make Shipwire our only logistics partner for our worldwide business sales.

— Alexandre Colot, CEO Mobee Technology

Colot, who is working to keep his manufacturing on pace with demand, relaxes audibly. “It’s reassuring to have this kind of relationship with a logistics company. I ask for something and it’s done, and I don’t have to be there to make sure,” he says from his Hong Kong office.

By the time Mobee brought Magic Charger to the United States, it had 37 distributorships worldwide. Now the United States generates half of Mobee’s online consumer sales, and the company’s B2B distributor network is quickly expanding.

Adding distributors to the Shipwire network

The Shipwire partnership means Mobee’s fulfillment will be on firm ground when it soon adds 10 of Apple’s largest retail stores and a big-box electronics retailer. And when it needs to resupply the world’s largest technology distributors.

Because Colot doesn’t have to focus on shipping, the company can move ahead with plans to bring five new products to market.

“When I decided to start working with Shipwire, I did not expect so many possibilities. Shipwire helped us understand our options and make the choices that fit our B2B and B2C needs,” Colot says.

On this day, his largest Apple distributor in the United States is waiting on back-ordered inventory.

“You are receiving 2,000 units today in your warehouse and 1,500 must go out today,” Colot says. “I know Shipwire will get it done.”

Because Shipwire has seven fulfillment centers — three in the United States, two in Canada, one in the United Kingdom, and one in Hong Kong – the Shipwire model fits Mobee’s growth strategy throughout the world.

Currently, Mobee’s complex European logistics make distributors wait about a week for delivery. Its Canadian system is mired in customs paperwork and surcharges.

“I want to use a Canada warehouse as soon as possible to make sure my Canadian customers get the best shipping times and rates. Then, it is on to the UK,” Colot says. “I’ll save money and improve B2B and B2C response and delivery with Shipwire.”

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