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Case Study Mio, NetSuite, and Celigo

Shipwire's technology, NetSuite's ERP platform, and Celigo's implementation services power and scale Mio's logistics

In 2001, Mio disrupted the heart rate monitor world by introducing the first strapless heart rate watch (most heart rate monitors require a chest strap), which was designed to enable runners and cyclists to check the intensity of their workouts by simply stopping exercise and touching the reader.

Mio was determined to keep pushing the boundaries, though, and after 11 years of testing, research, and development, it had developed a groundbreaking new product. In 2012, the company initiated a crowdfunding campaign in order to sponsor a first production run for the Mio ALPHA Heart Rate Sport Watch, Mio’s newest innovation at the time. The watch enabled athletes to monitor their heart rate without having to touch the watch, and more importantly, without having to stop their workout.

The crowdsourced campaign was an immediate success: Mio tripled its fundraising goal and again distinguished itself as the leader in enabling heart rate training. It had become the only continuous heart rate monitoring sport watch company featuring optical heart rate sensors.

Growing Pains

Tripling its target funding was cause for celebration, but a larger-than-expected product launch strained Mio’s existing order fulfillment strategy. “It was a complete nightmare. Costs were absolutely through the roof and we were launching thousands of drop shippers across the globe,” said Tim Frazer, Operations Inventory & Forecast Analyst at Mio. He went on to add, “Our biggest problem was inconsistent communication. We weren’t fully integrated with our warehouse, and communication was done through email and Excel sheets, rather than through a system or connector, which meant that if customers changed orders, things broke.”

Finding a solution with Celigo, Netsuite, and Shipwire

Mio set out to find a partner who was able to accommodate their rapid growth while eliminating the headaches of their current process. They wanted a solution that included direct-to-consumer shipping capabilities, a flexible and reliable connection to the NetSuite ERP platform to enable smooth and automatic order management, and they also sought affordable pricing.

Fortunately, Shipwire was partnered with Celigo to provide implementation and integration services for NetSuite, and had a standard connector available. Combined with automated synchronization of orders, shipment confirmation, and tracking details to NetSuite, Shipwire’s state-of-the-art order management and fulfillment platform was an affordable solution that could be tailored to perfectly fit Mio.

Plagued by a history of errors from manually inputting spreadsheets, Mio knew that having its EDI automated was a necessity in order to run a successful business operation. With a NetSuite connector already in place, Shipwire allowed Mio to avoid the cost and implementation time associated with building one from scratch.

Combined with a no contract policy, Shipwire’s solution for Mio was exactly what they wanted.

Once we figured out that Shipwire actually had everything we needed — the warehouse locations, turnaround times, and phenomenal shipping costs — we contacted and paid Celigo right away.

— Tim Frazer, Operations Inventory & Forecast Analyst, Mio

According to Tim, the partnership with Celigo was equally smooth. “Every time we changed our requirements or business needs, we’d ask Celigo, ‘Okay how can we do it?’ and ‘How can we make this connector successful?’ and they helped us figure it out.”

What’s next for Mio?

Since the crowdsourcing campaign that launched the Mio ALPHA, Mio has gone on to release multiple models, including the Mio LINK, which, according to Tim, saw especially high demand. “Shipwire fulfilled 1,400 orders in a very short amount of time,” Tim said.

Like most globally successful companies that have a strong consumer following, Mio plans to steadily increase the rate of its expansion. “It’s onwards and upwards! We’re going to expand into more countries at greater volume,” said Tim. And with Shipwire and Celigo at its side, it’s safe to say that Mio will keep up with the beat of its growth while maintaining an accurate read on the pulse of their supply chain.
For a more thorough understanding of how the partnership between Shipwire, Celigo, and Mio works, we’ve recorded a webinar that’s available to watch at your convenience.

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