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Case Study Luxy

She was in that vortex of pre-wedding frenzy: dresses, caterers, shoes, hair salons. Hair extensions were the breaking point. All Mimi wanted were some high-quality, clip-in hair extensions. All the salon wanted was $500.

Suddenly, the beacon of a business idea penetrated the cloud of tension: an e-commerce site providing affordable, high-quality, clip-in, human hair extensions directly to consumers. Fiancé Alex Ikonn liked the idea immediately; so did Mimi’s sister, Leyla, and a partnership was born in Luxy.

“At that moment, we went all-in on the idea, and I thought it was the perfect product,” said Ikonn. YouTube proved the ideal marketing channel to educate the public about hair styles and indirectly sell a product, and Shipwire’s pricing provided a conversion-inducing free-shipping promotion.

“Many viewers quickly realize they can’t do the styles with the hair they have, and they realize if they have hair extensions, they have the ability to create more hairstyles,” said Ikonn, who handles business operations.

U.S. sales poured in, so the partners in the Toronto-based company had to figure out how to meet demand without getting customers involved in fees, paperwork, and shipping delays associated with exports from Canada.

Shipwire was the clip-in solution.

If you want to cut out the middleman and expand your markets, having Shipwire as a partner is perfect for self-distribution and direct-to-consumer sales.

— Alex Ikonn, Co-founder, Luxy

“The most powerful consumer in the world is the United States, and Shipwire allows us entrance into that market and provides great service. We were able to grow the brand because about 55 percent of our consumers are in the U.S,” Ikonn said.

Website orders are automated with Shipwire, which integrates with more than 50 e-commerce solutions. Luxy orders are shipped from Shipwire fulfillment centers in Los Angeles and Chicago.

Multiple Fulfillment Centers Facilitate Expansion

Because shipping to his largest sales region is going so smoothly via Shipwire, Ikonn has time to work on boosting marketing in Canada and the European Union. He plans to use one of Shipwire’s two fulfillment centers in Canada (Toronto and Vancouver) and another in Europe.

“We’re saving so much through Shipwire – between Canadian fees and the buy-only-what-you-need Shipwire options – that we can offer free worldwide shipping,” he said.

The partners soared past initial revenue goals, and because of Shipwire, they have freedom and time they never imagined when they worked conventional jobs.

“We wouldn’t be where we are if it weren’t for Shipwire,” said Ikonn.

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