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Case Study Evernote Market

Evernote Market sells physical products to accompany its app and asked Shipwire to facilitate Evernote branded order fulfillment

It’s not easy to create an app that is meant to be an extension of your brain, yet somehow Evernote built just that. With 70 million accounts created all over the world, Evernote makes life more manageable by helping users collect and organize notes and more on the fly and with ease.

So how does the brand translate organizational elegance and efficiency from the virtual world in which its app and accounts operate, to the physical world in which its users live?

Enter Evernote Market, an online marketplace filled with physical products that connect Evernote’s app with tangible, everyday organizational tools.

About Evernote Market

At first glance, Evernote Market products may look familiar, but to develop and manufacture them, Evernote partners with some of the most creative companies and designers in the world and together they make everyday items that go the extra mile to communicate with the Evernote app. The element of connectivity is the critical detail that makes them stand out.

“One of Evernote’s core principles is to incrementally improve essential items,” said Jeff Zwerner, VP of Branded Products. “If you make a small change to an everyday object, it can have a great impact on your productivity and your sheer enjoyment of that product. We want to design products and experiences that help you live better and work smarter.”

Among Market’s offerings are a fine tip tablet stylus, a lightning-fast document and note scanner that automatically syncs with the Evernote app, and even a smart Moleskine notebook that users can scan and use to upload notes taken with pen and paper into their Evernote accounts.

Enabling infrastructure for an online marketplace

Creating products and curating Evernote Market is only one piece of the puzzle. Zwerner worked with Julia Davis, Director of Evernote Market, and the rest of the Evernote team to create a new standard for an online marketplace.

Evernote’s priority is to get its branded products to customers with accuracy and efficiency, wherever they are in the world.

Shipwire was chosen to help get the job done. Why? Because, as Davis explained, “Logistics is a labyrinth.”

Navigating international freight and shipping while making sure your customers have the same brand experience offline as they do online is a huge undertaking. We knew that we needed to work with a world-class partner to make Evernote Market happen.

— Julia Davis, Director of Evernote Market

A transparent partnership

The Evernote brand experience needs to be consistent: from using the application, to purchasing a product, to the moment a product lands in a customer’s hands — it all needs to feel like Evernote. As Davis explained, “It was important for the team to know not just how, but why certain parts of the supply chain worked the way they did and what our customers’ experience would be.”

Evernote’s engineers rigorously tested the Shipwire APIs, which are used to get real-time shipping rates, transmit orders, and sync tracking information for customers, and Shipwire helped the Evernote Market team learn the ins and outs of e-commerce and fulfillment, the Shipwire platform, and the inner workings of order fulfillment software.


Success comes from expecting the unexpected

With an order fulfillment partnership in place, products on their way to warehouses for storage, and its website ready for launch, Evernote Market was on track to be unveiled to the world and the date was set to coincide with the company’s annual EC conference in San Francisco.

Then the unplanned happened: Some products arrived late to Shipwire fulfillment centers and others were still en route. Without products received or stored, there would be nothing to ship out when orders rolled in. With days left before the scheduled launch, things needed to happen quickly and delaying them was not an option.

Fortunately, unplanned doesn’t mean unexpected or unrecoverable. Working with Shipwire, the Evernote team accelerated the supply chain to the warehouses and on September 26th, 2013, Evernote Market launched. The execution of the launch? “Flawless,” said Davis.

When the pressure was on, Shipwire passed with flying colors. We have worked very hard to make sure that the Evernote experience is supremely good. We needed a partner who was able to maintain that level of quality. It’s clear that we made the right choice with Shipwire.

— Julia Davis, Director of Evernote Market

A growing marketplace

Evernote Market is currently available in Canada, the U.S., and Japan. With the help of Shipwire, it is on track to bring millions of users great physical products, furthering its mission to improve and the way people live and work.

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