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Case Study DODOcase

Old-world bookbinding meets modern fulfillment

Traditional bookbinding meets modern fulfillment

DODOcase combines traditional old-world bookbinding with the coolest modern tablets, but with explosive growth, delivering to existing customers and expanding into new markets was challenging until they met Shipwire.

When Craig Dalton, Patrick Buckley and Mark Manning started DODOcase they wanted to create a unique iPad case using high quality traditional bookbinding techniques. With hard work and some clever marketing their product became a sensation and sales grew quickly. 
It all started in 2010, when they saw an opportunity to introduce an iPad case which was more than just a plastic cover. Instead they contacted one of the few remaining bookbinders in San Francisco and created something special. They coincided the release of the DODOcase with the iPad launch and their product quickly gained popularity. 

Shipwire was straightforward to integrate and use, which helped us get new international customers while lowering our costs.

— Craig Dalton, President and Co-Founder DODOcase

But they quickly learned that as the business grows, so does the complexity of its day-to-day operations. 
“One of the worst growing pains was how to tackle international shipping,” says co-founder Craig Dalton. “First we used USPS but it took too long to get to the destination, and caused customer service headaches. FedEx helped a bit but added a layer of complexity and also caused some issues with customs.”
When they saw that the international conversions weren’t matching domestic conversions, and discovering the problem to shipping costs and customs issues, DODOcase decided to take the plunge and partner with fulfillment experts, Shipwire. 
“We thought we could increase international sales by lowering shipping costs and getting rid of customs delays,” says Craig. “Shipwire was an easy choice.”
The first impression was “wonderful” according to the founders. 
“The team was very helpful and dove into helping us resolve our unique problems,” says Craig. “Shipwire was also straightforward to integrate and use, which helped us get new international customers while lowering our costs.”

Expanding into new markets

The DODOcase is available for the iPad as well as the Kindle keyboard and Kindle Fire, and is sold through its official online store, as well as various large distributors, and small local boutiques. 
The typical customer – tech-oriented, fashionable, and a lover of design – is as distinctive as the product itself and can be found anywhere in the world. And while most of its sales are still domestic, the company is seeing growth internationally on the Shipwire platform.
“We plan to continue to increase our international sales,” says co-founder and CEO Patrick Buckley. “Both through distribution and by increasing our direct-to-consumer sales there.”

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