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Case Study Shopify API: Case Study

Shopify: the first ecommerce provider to integrate Shipwire's real-time shipping rate API

To describe Shopify and Shipwire as partners would undersell the importance of the relationship to our customers. Together we power the global expansion of some of the coolest brands in e-commerce.

— Harley Finkelstein, Chief Platform Officer, Shopify

Shipwire released the world’s first fulfillment web service open API in 2006. Shopify immediately saw the benefit of deeply integrated outsourced order fulfillment and became one of Shipwire’s first integrated partners. Now, more than 5 years later and with well over a quarter of a million orders passed between the two platforms, Shopify and Shipwire are continuing to invest in a unified experience to help online sellers succeed globally.

In 2009, Shopify became the first e-commerce provider to integrate Shipwire’s real-time shipping rate API that displays Shipwire shipping rates in Shopify checkout, helping sellers convert more buyers with shipping cost transparency. In 2011, Shopify and Shipwire enhanced backorder and split-order management to help global sellers with complex supply chains streamline their shipping.

“Integrating platforms is more than just getting two software systems to work together. It involves understanding customer challenges. Shipwire and the Shopify API work well together because we both believe in being responsive to the needs of the customer. When issues come up, there is no finger pointing or bouncing a customer back and forth between our support teams. Both teams look at the issue and do what is needed to solve the customer problem first. For both Shopify and Shipwire, pro-active support is the norm, not the exception.”

With the Shopify API, Shopify has successfully integrated all Shipwire functions and has been a strong advocate working with Shipwire to develop additional APIs to further automate shipping for our customers.

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