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Case Study API Case Study: Foxywire

I saw a need to connect Shipwire to Foxycart and Bigcommerce in 2011. Shipwire welcomed me as a partner and gave me access to API’s, integration sandboxes and developer support so that I could make the connections a reality. When I launched they worked with me to promote the new connections and have referred me business to help me be successful.

— Bill DAlessandro, Owner and Developer, Shipiro.com and Foxywire.com

In 2011 Bill DAlessandro was building a new store on FoxyCart for his skin care product line. Not wanting to do his own shipping, he looked to Shipwire for outsourced order fulfillment. There was only one problem – there was no connection between FoxyCart and Shipwire. Bill realized that both FoxyCart and Shipwire offered a path to integration with open API’s. In no time, Bill was able to connect FoxyCart to Shipwire for his online store, and then he had an idea for a new business – Managed Shipwire connections. Shipiro was born and Bill has helped over 100 merchants connect Shipwire to FoxyCart and BigCommerce.

“Shipwire understands developers, they provide a well documented set of API’s to make building connections a snap. The partner program allowed me to make shipping a revenue stream. I’ve been most impressed by the Shipwire team’s desire to make me be successful. They helped me get the word out, introduced me to their customers over blog posts, press releases and their social channels. They even got BigCommerce to blog and tweet about the new connection.”

Bill has successfully integrated Shipwire Order API’s to FoxyCart and BigCommerce via his web-based platforms Shipiro.com and Foxywire.com

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