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Shipwire V3 Product Catalog Upgrade

Shipwire V3 Product Catalog, what's new

We recently rolled out a number of improvements to our V3 Application, including updates to the user interface and navigation.

As a next step, it’s time to extend a V3 upgrade to merchants who are currently using the V2 product catalog. This will allow everyone to take advantage of new features, such as the Guided Product Creation Flow.

“Product catalog” refers to the data structure of how your products (SKUs) are defined in the Shipwire platform. When adding or editing product attributes like weight, height, retail price, etc., you are editing your product catalog.

Shipwire has made significant improvements to the V3 product catalog:

  • A new Guided Product Creation Flow makes it easier to define a product and its associated inventory levels in one workflow
  • The Add Products in Bulk feature (also known as Spreadsheet Upload) now allows users to define inner-packs, master-cases, and pallets via bulk upload
  • The ability for users to define alternate names (aliases) and virtual kits within the V3 UI
  • Better support for large product catalogs, including pagination to enable faster viewing
  • A newly launched Product API, which allows you to automate the creation and updates of your product catalog from internal business systems like ERPs or e-commerce platforms


Below are before and after images of the product catalog interface:

V3 Product Catalog

Header of Shipwire's V3 Product Catalog User Interface

V2 Product Catalog

Header of Shipwire's V2 Product Catalog User Interface

Visit our Configuring Your Products Guide for a more detailed overview of how to add and edit products in the new product catalog.


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