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The Shipwire Blog/Update: Create an order

Update: Create an order

An update to the Shipwire web application

On June 10, 2015 we are rolling out a change to the “Create an Order” workflow within the Shipwire Web Application.

The new workflow is designed to save time; It optimizes the order creation process and reduces the number of steps it takes to create an order.

As part of the ongoing improvements to our V3 Web Application, we are focusing on making day to day activities more efficient and intuitive. This this is another step in that direction and was inspired by merchant feedback (thank you!).

For detailed documentation of the updated “Create an Order” process, please visit this support page.

Create an Order Workflow in Shipwire


  • Tony Holbrook 06/19/15

    Great question Amanda.

    Yes we intend to support an address-book like capability. We will want this to be a low maintenance experience, allowing you to easily create orders to repeat locations without having to re-fill the same information. While this is not scheduled for the current year, as we implement more of our new V3 interface, dynamic form filling (and auto-completion) is something we expect to be pervasive in the application, and this request aligns nicely with that.

    There are two workarounds you can use for now, assuming you are not already doing this.

    1) to quickly search for a previous order to your desired destination (e.g. by the shipto name). You can then click on it, and in the Order Details view, select "duplicate order". This duplicated order can then be easily edited to change the contents. While we understand this is not as elegant, it is still a lot faster than having to type-in all of the same address information.

    2) you can create an order spreadsheet file for this high frequency repeat customers. This allows you to simply edit a spreadsheet to adjust order contents (without having to touch the fields that are correct). You could keep these handy for orders you are regularly fulfilling, and then simply upload them each time. More info on this process can be found in our Spreadsheet Order Entry Support Document.

  • Lauren Jow 06/17/15
    Glad you like it! Thanks for the feedback, it's appreciated.
  • Brad Chase 06/10/15
    Great update! Has been really helpful and much more simple. Keep up the good work.
  • Amanda Terrell 06/10/15
    Will you eventually be adding an address book feature? We send a lot of orders to the same destinations, and it would be nice to not have to manually fill it out every single time. Thanks for what you're doing!

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