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The Shipwire Blog/New integration: Ubercart & Drupal Commerce

New integration: Ubercart & Drupal Commerce

We are proud to announce that we now have Ubercart and Drupal Commerce fulfillment integrations that work with the Drupal 7 content management framework.

These are the first modules available on to provide merchants with fully automated order fulfillment, real time quotes, and shipment tracking. They allow Ubercart and Drupal Commerce merchants to offload product storage and shipping, reduce shipping time and costs, and open up international markets through a network of global warehouses.

The modules were built by Shipwire partner, Coda, making full use of Shipwire’s order fulfillment APIs. This means stores on Drupal 7 can provide real-time shipping rates in their cart, automate their order fulfillment, get tracking information, keep inventory levels in sync, and more. The modules make use of Rules events in Drupal, which allow for significant customization of the order fulfillment process.

For more information, see the Commerce 7 (Drupal) and Ubercart 7 (Drupal) connection pages.


  • dimitri 07/17/14
    Simon, we do. You can see our Magento fulfillment pages here: Magento: Magento Go:
  • Simon Wright 07/15/14
    Hi Steven, do you also do fulfillment services for Magento? Thanks, Simon

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