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The Shipwire Blog/Shipwire V3 Application Launch

Shipwire V3 Application Launch

We are proud to announce the launch of the Shipwire V3 application

Many lucky merchants are already using (and loving) the new experience and the features that come with it. Shipwire accounts created after Nov. 4, 2014 are already operating on Shipwire V3, as are a handful of existing accounts belonging to merchants who were invaluable in testing the new application and providing us with feedback during its development.

We can’t wait to upgrade all our users’ accounts. The new tools accessible with Shipwire V3 were designed from the ground up with our customers in mind, and we’re eager to see them put to use!

In order to explain Shipwire V3, we’ve put together a quick video to help familiarize you with all the updates in under five minutes. Feel free to start here, or head over to our Resource Center and view our V3 Collection.

Show me the V3 Collection

The Shipwire V3 Application includes the following components, detailed below:

  • V3 User Interface (UI)
    • A more professional interface to reflect the maturity of merchants using our platform
    • A modern look and feel that echoes today’s web experiences
    • Foundational changes that enable future expansion of our roadmap
  • V3 Product Catalog
    NOTE: The migration process for this component will take place between March 1 and April 15. Stay tuned for updates
    • A new product catalog featuring a “Guided Product Creation Flow,” which makes it easier to define a product and its associated inventory levels, all in one workflow
    • The “Add Products in Bulk” (also known as Spreadsheet Upload) allows users to define inner-packs, master-cases, and pallets (NOTE: Available April 1, 2015)
    • Ability for users to define alternate names (aliases) and virtual kits within the UI
    • Better support for large catalogs, including pagination to enable faster viewing
    • Product API support coming in Q1 2015
  • V3 New User Onboarding Flow
    • A new Guided Setup Flow to help orient new users within the UI
    • Setting up your business to ship from international warehouses
    • Setting up new connections (selling tools, marketplace or others)
    • Sending inventory to Shipwire warehouses
    • Configuring your product catalog
    • Encouraging and enabling an end-end test of Shipwire’s service
  • V3 Shipment Workflow Improvements
    • Create and edit orders with the support of real-time validation and autocomplete to make filling out forms faster and less error-prone
    • Resend an order to the same recipient by duplicating the order, and with a single click, clear out the products and add the desired contents from scratch
  • V3 Shopify App
    • A new Shopify App, complete with guided installation flow
    • Ability to include a gift message on your packing list (messaging is provided by the customer via the Shopify Shopping Cart)
    • Access the new Shipwire/Shopify connection without entering your Shipwire password. The connection is enabled through
    • Can support advanced features which will enable future enhancements
  • V3 Inventory Manager
    • A friendlier interface for improved readability and easier filtering of real-time inventory data
    • Ability to see your total inventory level across all levels of bulk packaged products. Gain transparency in your total available quantity to sell, regardless of how it is packaged
    • The option to add or remove columns (columns could be added in V2, but it was not easily discoverable), as well as the ability to download a spreadsheet that includes select columns
    • Improved usage of screen width, in accordance with trends that encourage taking advantage of larger screen real-estate. NOTE: Responsive framework via Bootstrap is coming in 2015, which will lay the foundation for a mobile/tablet optimized version of the application
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