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The Shipwire Blog/Shipwire UK Warehouse Update – Royal Mail Strike (Update)

Shipwire UK Warehouse Update - Royal Mail Strike (Update)

Royal Mail LogoTomorrow (Oct 21st), Royal Mail workers will strike (“industrial action” is another name for it) and severely impact the delivery of orders in the UK delivered through Royal Mail.  While the strike progresses the management of Royal Mail is working hard to keep portions on the service open and functioning.  As such, we have built  contingency  plans that will allow Shipwire to deliver shipments directly into the Royal Mail sortation facility.  This means that your orders will ship as normal from the warehouse.

Once at the Royal mail sort facility, we do not believe that final delivery will be completed; however, Shipwire will have moved your orders as far along as we can. We have posted to our blog a complete guide to Royal Mail shipping order management during the strike.

With the minute by minute changes in the  situation, Shipwire’s service level guarantees  have been suspended for Royal Mail orders during the strike and Shipwire merchants should expect delays in delivery.

This update changes our previous handling in the following ways:

We had previously posted to our blog that we would be holding Royal Mail orders inside the Shipwire platform as our default handling. Now that we know that some Royal Mail sort facilities will continue to process inbound mail and parcels, Shipwire will be taking our merchants parcels to the UK sort facility to keep our merchant’s parcels processing as far as we can and not create a warehouse back-load.
This will get your orders into the Royal Mail systems and get your orders as far along as possible, hopefully by-passing some of the 3 week anticipated backlog being spoken about in the local UK news.

Clearly local delivery of orders will continue to be a problem; but, we are hoping this ensures your orders face the bare minimum of delays and your e-commerce systems (“Sell” tools) and customer updates (“Delight” tools) should continue to operate normally.

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