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The Shipwire Blog/Shipwire Terms of Service Update 2016

Shipwire Terms of Service Update 2016

We have updated the Shipwire Terms of Service and Business Policies and we have made a few changes to our service offerings since our last update. Today, we’re giving notice to our users about updates to our Terms and Policies. The updates will be effective starting January 1, 2016.

The new Terms of Service and Business Policies are available here. For reference, the old Terms can be found here.

We know how important these types of updates are to you and we want to help you understand them. Here is a walk-through of some of the major changes:

  • We have removed our Lien policy under Account Balances and Fees in favor of adding a new Payment for Services prior to Inventory Removal policy located under Termination and Closing your Account.
  • In addition to updating our Limitations of Liability, we have called out more explicitly Shipwire’s liability in the Damage of Loss of Inventory.

We hope you’ll read the complete and updated Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Business Policies, and that you’ll agree these modifications make the information more approachable. Rest assured, we have not changed any of our commitments to serve your business and we will never sell your personal information.

And of course, your feedback is important to us! If you have feedback please submit it here for our legal team to review.

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