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The Shipwire Blog/Shipwire Platform Analytics: New Features and Updates

Shipwire Platform Analytics: New Features and Updates

We are pleased to introduce a new Business Reports feature and an update to Billing Statements to Shipwire Platform users. We are dedicated to helping our customers grow their businesses through data driven analytics and this update comes in support of that commitment.

New Business Reports Feature
Available Business Reports

The Business Reports feature provides detailed insights on fulfillment operations (e.g., inventory transactions and returns) and delivers information in an accessible and flexible format that is easy to manipulate and compatible with a wide range of business systems. Deliver reports directly to any email address on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, or simply store them in dashboards for future use.

There are four report types that Shipwire Platform users can subscribe to:

In your account, Business Reports are turned OFF by default. Click here to configure your first Business Report.

To learn more about the Business Reports feature, please read our support page.

Updated Billing Statements

Many Shipwire Platform users have waited patiently for updated Billing Statements, and we’re pleased to share that the wait is over.

Previously, Billing Statements were rolled up into a multi-page PDF that included Storage & Support Charges and Monthly Plan Charges by line item. This was a challenge for merchants with large order volumes, as it was difficult to pull insightful data from hundreds of pages of information.

With our recent update, Billing Statements will now produce:

  • A single page PDF with a snapshot on Balance Summary, Summary of Monthly Charges and Storage & Support Charges
  • A CSV file of Monthly Plan Charges by line item for better data analysis and insight gathering

The best way to assess this update is to see it in action. Try it in your account today!

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